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August 16, 2017

#542. How to Make Content Marketing Work for You. With Drew Neisser

Drew Neisser, Founder and CEO of Renegade, a leading marketing agency, joins me for the second time on this episode of #Accelerate!


[2:49] Drew says the single biggest challenge that sales reps face today is the convergence of content, social, purpose branding, and storytelling, and the varying theories of how they work. Reps are overwhelmed, and forget the basics.

[3:34] Pick up the phone and call someone. Drew answers his own phone, and it doesn’t ring that often. It is easier to contact executives today than when they had administrative assistants that tore up messages.

[5:10] Andy also answers his phone. Drew will not talk to callers who do not prepare with knowledge about him and his needs. Andy gets emails from people wanting to be on his podcast, with no evidence that they had ever listened it.

[8:01] Don’t flood inboxes. Do your homework. Emails are still generally poor, despite the tools available. Drew talks about a webinar he hosted, where the attendees just didn’t get it. He shares a personal example of a nurturing connection.

[11:44] Andy read in a manuscript that content marketing doesn’t reach decision-makers. Drew disagrees. Executives read a lot, but they may not read your content. They read for value. You and your content must be credible sources.

[14:23] Drew talks about storytelling. He lists the key elements of a memorable story. He contrasts a memorable story with bad brand storytelling about product, and how so many get it wrong. Drew gives tips for incorporating stories in marketing.

[17:24] There are simple frameworks for storytelling; if they are too complex, the rep usually has trouble with it, and the prospect usually doesn’t relate. Drew says to add emotional hooks that entice the prospect to meet with you again.

[21:30] Andy cites a Content Marketing Institute report saying less than 40% of marketing companies find success with content. Drew lists reasons for underperformance. Quality and a unifying story are lacking, and the writing is poor.

[23:19] Quantity matters. A post does not stand alone, no matter how great its content. It needs to be promoted. It takes work. Drew cites Jon Ferrara of Nimble, as the rare case of solo success. Most will need a campaign.

[26:11] Organic social marketing will not grow your company. You need strategic paid ads on social platforms, timed with email newsletters, and cold calling.

[27:26] The first goal of any content marketing program is to capture new names. Drew tells the story of his own experience testing newsletters with Social Media Explorer blogsite. More choices led to fewer clickthroughs!

[30:14] Drew talks about how he expanded the group, and then opened a Facebook group for them with unique content.

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