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January 29, 2015

The Myth Of The One-Time Discount

Time is not forever. But discounts are. Everyone has been in this situation: the end of the month is fast approaching and you don’t quite have your numbers in hand. It is not panic time yet, but the big deal you forecasted to close this month has lost momentum and it is threatening to carry over […]

January 28, 2015

Sales Tip Video: 3 Skills Sales Reps Need To Master

What skills do sales reps need to master in order to accelerate and improve their sales results? Watch this short video excerpt from my conversation with best-selling author (Smart Calling) and leading sales trainer Art Sobczak as we discuss the specific skills a sales person needs to work on and perfect in order to consistently […]

January 27, 2015

Slow Buying Decisions: Are You Part of the Problem or the Solution?

When a sales opportunity slows down, whose job is it to get it moving? I attended a sales conference once where it was suggested that just as customers have the ability to use social media and other forums to publicly rate their suppliers, so too should sellers have a forum to rate their buyers. The […]

January 26, 2015

If You’re In Sales, Stop Using Away Messages In Your Email

Seriously. Each week I send an email newsletter to thousands of subscribers in the sales profession. And, each week after the newsletter’s delivered I receive a certain number of “away messages” from subscribers that are out of their offices. You might think that you are being helpful by telling people that you are away from […]

January 23, 2015

Sales Tip Video: Treat Sales Leads Like Scratch Off Lottery Tickets

Potential is a magical word for sales people. It conjures up all sorts of possibilities. As salespeople, we know there are no such things as guaranteed winners. Give us sales opportunities with “potential” and we will convert some number of these into orders. So, how should you determine the potential of your sales leads? Watch […]

January 21, 2015

The Cure for Buyer’s Remorse

People will tell you that buyer’s remorse is a perfectly normal reaction on the part of your customers. That it always happens. However, that’s not true. Buyer’s remorse is neither normal, or even necessary, if you take the right steps to prevent it. According to a definition of buyer’s remorse I found online ‘Buyer’s remorse […]

January 20, 2015

Four Simple Rules of Price Qualification

I received an email advertising a webinar that was to be held on the subject of the “dreaded price objection.” The promise was that if I invested 50 minutes of my time I could learn how to find out “what people really mean when they say you’re too expensive.” Really? That doesn’t require a lot […]

January 16, 2015

Great Selling is About Quickly Developing Trust

In today’s video from my series of Sales Acceleration Interviews with leading sales experts, I talk with Mark Roberge, Chief Revenue Officer for HubSpot’s Sales Division, about the strategies sellers should take to quickly develop trust with their prospects. In this excerpt from our extended discussion of sales acceleration strategies, Mark identifies the essential steps […]

January 14, 2015

Sales Tip Video: Do You Stop Selling Too Soon?

Are you ignoring the most important sales call of your sales cycle? Salespeople routinely dig a hole, and throw themselves in it, after they close an order with a customer. Here’s how it plays out. You receive an order from a new customer, ACME Technologies, and your instinct is to quickly move on to the […]

January 13, 2015

If You Want To Sell More; Sell Faster

The logic is unassailable. If you want to sell more, sell faster. As you might expect, I read a lot about sales. And very few sales thought leaders write about the importance of speed in selling. I find this to be more than a bit mystifying because this is exactly what your customers want. Increasingly […]