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April 27, 2015

How Prospects Decide To Give You Their Time

Shouting Louder Isn’t The Key to Being Heard In 1971, Herbert Simon, an economist at Carnegie-Mellon University, and a future Nobel Prize winner in Economics, wrote a very accurate description of what the information revolution would look like when it occurred 25 years in the future. And he forecast the impact that the ready availability […]

April 24, 2015

Video Sales Tip: Three Essential Sales Questions To Ask About Every Prospect Every Day

The most successful salespeople I know are always ruminating about deals they have in the works. They have a command of all the details of every sales opportunity they are working. Most importantly, they have a firm grasp on the very next steps they need to take to help the customer quickly move closer to […]

April 23, 2015

How To Convert Risk Into A Winning Sales Strategy

Every sales opportunity carries with it risks on the part of the buyer and the seller. These risks often assume one of three forms: 1. Risk that your product/service won’t perform as you promised. This includes the risk that you won’t support the product as promised after the sale. 2. Risk that the customer won’t […]

April 22, 2015

Practice Unconditional Support

The customer is not always right. But their problem is always valid. Fix it. In my first book, Zero-Time Selling, I described the bond of unconditional love that new parents immediately forms with their newborn infant. They love this small person and will do anything to protect and support him or her without question and […]

April 21, 2015

Proactive Steps To Improve The Accuracy Of Your Sales Forecast

Do you measure salespeople and sales managers on the accuracy of their sales forecasts? Developing an accurate sales forecast is a valuable skill. And, like most every other skill, the ability to create a more accurate sales forecast is one that can be improved. Educate Your Sales Team About Why a Good Sales Forecast Matters […]

April 20, 2015

There’s Sales Opportunity in Ambiguity; If You Pay Attention

I attended a fascinating lecture in which the presenter talked about ambiguity. He espoused the view that one of the key skills that workers must develop in order to succeed in business, and in life, is a tolerance for ambiguity. Success in a rapidly changing world demands a person who is comfortable with uncertainty. When […]

April 17, 2015

Sales Tip Video: 4 Ways To Make A Strong First Impression

Here’s a short video with four quick recommendations for sales actions that you can take to shape your prospects’ first impressions of you and your company. First impressions, and the important customer perceptions that flow from them, are extremely powerful and sticky. Once a customer has formed their perception of you, and your company, it […]

April 16, 2015

Is Effective Sales Lead Follow Up an Art or an Attitude?

In sales, as in architecture, form follows function. Not long ago I read a blog posting about the art of the follow-up. I liked the general concept presented by the author, which was that there are skills we all can learn that will improve the effectiveness of our sales lead follow up. It was hard […]

April 14, 2015

Do You Train Your Customers To Expect A Discount?

Who’s to blame for discounts: managers or salespeople? Too many sellers inadvertently train their customers to always expect a discount. And the finger of blame for this is invariably pointed at the sales rep. It certainly is easy to blame the salespeople for rampant discounting. They seem like the obvious culprit. But it has been […]

April 10, 2015

Sales Tip Video: The First Seller With The Answers Wins

Busy customers want to make good decisions faster. They depend on salespeople to help them achieve that goal. And, the first seller to be completely responsive to the buyer’s requirements for information positions herself or himself to win their business. That’s what I wrote about in my first book: Zero-Time Selling. The most successful salespeople […]