Accelerate Podcast with Andy Paul
March 9, 2017

How to Increase Conversions with Video Email. With Stephen Pacinelli. #401

Stephen Pacinelli is CMO of BombBomb.

[:50] Steve started in real estate technology, selling CRM and advertising systems to real estate agents. When he found BombBomb, he used it for his sales team to close sales over email, and he did it so well, that they offered him a job.
[2:05] BombBomb enables human-human communications, sooner and more often in the sales process, through video. The platform works in email, text, or messenger. There’s no download; it just streams.
[3:26] Video is the go-to asset when emotion is involved, or where you are building rapport or trust. It is much more personal than a text or email. The video is device-independent. Whatever the client uses for email, it will work with one click.
[5:59] It is necessary to open the email message and press play on the video. So, use a good subject line. The word “video” in the subject line will increase open rates. The video has an animated preview, so hold up their name written on a card!
[7:45] Steve cites Robert Cialdini’s reciprocity rule. You took the time to make a video for them; they’ll take the time to play it. BombBomb’s speed means you don’t take a long time to make a video. You just record and go. It is authentic, not produced.
[8:44] Steve notes a “shiny authenticity inversion.” The shinier a video is, the less authentic it feels. The more raw and organic a video is, the better it performs, because it connects.
[9:54] Some people don’t like the way they look and sound on camera. The client will meet you eventually, and you look and sound the same way in person, so, get to face-to-face, now. When you get your first response, you will see how it works.
[10:51] Some people “don’t know what to say.” This is not video marketing, that should be polished. This is video communication. Use it like a voice mail. Leave a message. Be human and relatable. Video allows you to build a connection.
[18:40] Record on your iPhone or Android. At the end, you have the option to email it, text it, or message it. Steve suggests a three-part framework to use it: empathy, point of value, and call-to-action. Steve has heard of a 20% reply rate.
[24:00] BombBomb is great for personalized messages. You can use it with video into a monthly newsletter email, but it greatly increases one-to-one. The client can video reply back, from PC, laptop, or phone, to continue the conversation.
[28:29] It’s possible to make video by other means, and link to it, but BombBomb brings ease-of-use to the process, with one-click simplicity. Best response rates come from videos under a minute. Customer service replies, record as needed.
[28:38] Steven has a favorite new BombBomb feature: Snippets, that link texts and library video clips. In email, you can select a Snippet and it drops in the video and text together. Steven sends about seven video emails a day.

March 2, 2017

Boost Conversions with “Email-First” Cold Calls. With Conor Lee. #395

Conor Lee, is Founder and CEO of HipLead.


[:57] HipLead helps B2B sales and marketing teams scale their outbound sales, by providing very high-quality targeted lists. They consult with organizations to help run high-performing outbound sales.

[2:48] Conor discusses SaaS team “email-first” cold calling. Cold calling without email is extremely cold. HipLead ran tests that showed “email-first” cold calls produced a two-to-three times increase in prospect-to-meeting rates.

[8:15] The first 0-9 seconds of a call serve to put the contact’s defenses up. If the client has read an email, and is expecting a call, the SDR has a reason to follow up, and it eases the transition to the topic of the conversation.

[10:59] A pithy subject line is relevant, with industry specifics, or client specifics, or asks a relevant engaging question that matters to them. It passes the Turing Test.

[13:25] HipLead usually creates a matrix of the audience, their industries, why their industries care about this, and relevant body content. They make a second matrix of contact role to company size, and a matrix of pain points by organization role.

[15:44] The matrixes are divided granularly so that the pain point matches the group of contacts. It may not resonate with everybody, but it produces a predictable response rate. The more information provided, the better the response.

[16:50] A/B testing of emails is essential to measure results, and there is a cumulative effect with continuing A/B testing and branching on the positive side. The copy needs to evolve.

[21:10] Andy wonders exactly what Connor meant when he said that 20 years ago, selling was simpler! Conor meant today there are a lot of channels and tools being thrown at salespeople, and it’s a lot to balance. A key skill is prioritization.

[27:14] HipLead tags emails as interested, neutral, not interested, take me off your list, and no reply. They prioritize calls to the interested, and the neutrals, before not interested. Call everyone that replies, except for asking to be removed.

[31:52] If the list is very targeted, send out 50 at a time, and call everyone who opens it. Call each within 20 seconds, if possible. Call no later than five minutes after they open it.

November 15, 2016

How to Write Great Cold Emails That Warm Up Buyers. With Heather R. Morgan. #306

My guest on this episode of Accelerate! is Heather R. Morgan, founder of SalesFolk. She is co-author of The Human’s Guide to Writing Cold Emails That Don’t Sound Like a Spammy Robot. Among the subjects Heather and I tackle in this conversation are the steps involved in writing great cold emails, how to avoid entering Heather’s email Hall of Shame, and Heather’s best practices for developing the cold emailing campaigns that get outstanding results.

June 16, 2016

Use Email Analytics for Adjusting Your Sales Strategies. With Matthew Bellows. #179.

Matthew Bellows is the founder and CEO of Yesware. In today’s episode, Matthew shares how to use email analytics to refine your sales process and help your sales reps become more efficient and effective. Among the topics we discuss are:

  • The value of email analytics.
  • How reps can use basic sales intelligence to improve prospect engagement.
  • The key email metrics you should be tracking.
  • The future evolution of sales enablement technologies.
February 8, 2016

On Accelerate! Now: Episode 86 with Ian Brodie. The 21-Word Email and Other Powerful Tools To Win More Sales Now

In this episode, Ian Brodie, author of the best-selling Email Persuasion: Captivate and Engage Your Audience, Build Authority and Generate More Sales With Email Marketing shares his secrets for how to use email to generate a pipeline of warm leads and accelerate your sales productivity. Building on his own beginnings as an introverted sales rep with call reluctance, Ian describes how he, and his clients, have built successful profitable businesses using the techniques in his book. Among the topics we discuss are:

  • How to make every buyer interested in meeting with you
  • How to absolutely add value to every interaction with a prospect
  • Why sales reps needlessly worry too much about technique
  • How to build a nurture campaign that delivers relevant value to the buyer
  • How to win sales fast with a simple 21-word email.

If you’re in sales or sales management, then you definitely need to listen to this episode