Accelerate Podcast with Andy Paul
June 26, 2017

Townsend Wardlaw, sales transformation architect, joins me for the second time on this episode of #Accelerate!


[1:35] Townsend discusses his year so far, and his goal to accomplish more, to focus on time management and save time by not traveling for work. He quotes a traveling rate so ‘absurd,’ that his customers prefer for him to work remotely.

[7:51] Productivity is the number one challenge for sales organizations, and it’s getting worse, Townsend says. Selling comes from activity, and there’s not enough activity. To get enough first conversations, call, email, and sell socially — a lot.

[10:29] Townsend finds a lot of organizations that are not using a CRM to track activity, so they don’t even know what they lack. Then when he helps fix that problem, he sees the reps are still not doing enough activity.

[11:16] Townsend works with small business of $2-$10 million. In many cases, they only endure because the founder is still heavily involved in selling. Other clients may have a few outlier reps who bring in good deals, while most reps do not.

[12:24] Townsend sees the problem coming from low management expectations, poor tracking, and a poor grasp of hiring and onboarding. Reps know they would have to be actually detrimental to the company before being fired.

[14:04] Reallocating accounts can stir activity. Another point Townsend stresses is getting to the actual decision makers. A prospect who doesn’t have authority to decide is not a sale. Identify the person of authority early in the process.

[17:10] When a potential deal is questionable, the rep gets defensive when it is questioned. Townsend blames the mistakes on poor training. Selling is helping customers to buy the product or service that will meet their needs.

[18:44] The BALD method: Be present; Ask great questions; Listen without judgment; and Deliver value at every touch. Townsend urges reps to have an abundance mindset that allows you to say no to unqualified deals.

[21:05] BANT is not enough. Sales managers must do one-on-ones with the reps, with deep dives into the deals.

[26:44] Invest in your own development, make yourself invaluable to your company and customers. Learn your product, service and industry, and you will be in a good position, no matter what comes. Improve your skills. Learn.

[28:15] Some organizations are encouraging reps to read sales books and participate in professional development on company time.

[33:40] Townsend first went to the Traffic and Conversion Summit three years ago, and 85% were fringe internet marketers. He went in 2016, and 85% were B2B marketers and digital agencies. Townsend discusses marketing vs. sales.

#494. Quick Fixes for Poor Sales Productivity. With Townsend Wardlaw.

May 3, 2017

#448. Sales/Marketing Alignment and Account-based Strategies. With Justin Gray.

Justin Gray, Co-Founder and CEO of LeadMD, joins me on this episode of #Accelerate!


[2:24] Justin describes his two companies in brief, LeadMD and Six Bricks.

[3:32] Justin wrote an article on trends to watch: Quality, Tribe, and Process. Justin discusses Quality. People are evaluating how much time they can put into building brands with awesome content. Justin considers quality of content.

[8:52] How many emails should you send? How do you personalize 100K messages? Are your stacks set up to give you quick access to the data you need for personalization?

[12:22] Justin says data is the key for email, but the needed data from accounting and email systems are difficult to curate.

[14:43] Justin uses Engagio to tap into systems and retrieve essential data.

[15:22] SMBs can pivot in an agile manner. Hubspot has articles about best practices for SMBs. SMBs can learn from the mistakes of the Enterprise. Gather web behaviors and cart behaviors, and capture data.

[17:17] Build unity through trust. Are you all on the same mission? Justin evaluates five levels of Tribes.

[22:06] ABM and ABE mean ABR, according to Trish Bertuzzi. Is anyone person driving the boat in a sale? Don’t stress attribution, but on engagement. Look at it from a team perspective. There are multiple touches in the process.

[25:03] Justin talks about Process, regarding the buying committee, and mapping it to one or two people on the seller side. There should be no surprise decision makers that show up at the end of the deal, if you have an effective ABE Process.

[26:43] Sales and Marketing alignment, means the entire organization, including Customer Success, agreeing on the ABE process, and how it unrolls. Everyone on the team has a role. How to measure them all still needs some definition.

[29:03] Justin has some ideas on person-to-person engagement in sales. Justin talks about playbooks and plays, and measuring and recording activities.

[32:07] Use the solution that fits the income from an account. Small accounts cannot support the ABM treatment. What can you afford to invest in this account that will make the biggest impact? Go and do that.

November 19, 2016

How the Human Touch Accelerates Your Sales. With Ali Mirza. #310

Joining me on this episode of Accelerate! is Ali Mirza, Founder and President of Rose Garden Consulting, and author of the ebook, A Salesperson’s 30 Rules to Success. Among the many topics that Ali and I discuss in this episode are the biggest challenge facing sales reps in today’s business environment, the problems that can result from relying entirely on big data to manage sales, and the importance of really getting to know your prospects, their character types and their buying triggers.

November 15, 2016

How to Write Great Cold Emails That Warm Up Buyers. With Heather R. Morgan. #306

My guest on this episode of Accelerate! is Heather R. Morgan, founder of SalesFolk. She is co-author of The Human’s Guide to Writing Cold Emails That Don’t Sound Like a Spammy Robot. Among the subjects Heather and I tackle in this conversation are the steps involved in writing great cold emails, how to avoid entering Heather’s email Hall of Shame, and Heather’s best practices for developing the cold emailing campaigns that get outstanding results.

October 1, 2016

How to Build an Extraordinary Brand. With Sunny Bonnell. #268

My guest on Accelerate is Sunny Bonnell, the co-founder of Motto, a comprehensive branding agency based in Dallas, Texas. Motto works with bold and ambitious companies and big thinkers with an audacious vision, to help them build inspiring and magnetic brands. Join our conversation as we dive into what it means for entrepreneurs and sales reps to go beyond product and service to build a brand, or personal brand, that is authentic and extraordinary.

September 8, 2016

How to Use the Social DNA of Your Buyers to Increase Engagement. With Mike Scher. #248

Mike Scher is CEO and co-founder of FRONTLINE Selling, developer of Staccato PRO―a sales development platform that leverages the social DNA of a buyer in order to contact and engage with the right decision makers and influencers. Join us now as Mike and I discuss multiple topics including the biggest challenges sales reps have in reaching the right decision makers, how to balance the quantity of proactive sales touches with effectiveness and efficiency and how FRONTLINE analyzed the data from over 1.8 million outreaches to develop its platform.

August 6, 2016

Creating a Revolution in Your Online Marketing. With Stephen Christopher. #220

Stephen Christopher is CEO of Seequs, a digital marketing agency and host of the Business Revolution podcast.  In this episode Stephen and  I break down some of the common mistakes entrepreneurs continue to make in developing and implementing their online marketing strategies. Tune in to learn how you can more clearly and effectively focus your messaging strategy to reflect your strengths and engage with your ideal clients.

June 30, 2016

How to Use Emotion to Capture Your Prospect’s Interest. With Michael Hauge. #189

Bestselling author of Selling Your Story in 60 Seconds, Michael Hauge, is a story and script consultant, author, lecturer, and coach who works with writers, producers, directors and prominent stars to sell their ideas in the cut-throat competitive world of Hollywood. In today’s episode, Michael shares how sales reps can use emotion as the best tool to create the compelling first impressions that capture a prospect’s attention. Among the topics we discuss are:

  • How to quickly establish rapport with potential buyers.
  • How to engage a potential buyer’s emotions using a story.
  • The key steps to structuring a compelling story that sells
  • How to use a story that motivates the prospect to take the next action.
March 8, 2016

On Accelerate! Now: Episode 107 with Kraig Kleeman. 4 Ways to Effectively Utilize Language to Maximize Your Sales

In this episode, Kraig Kleeman, author, speaker, consultant, and expert in cold calling/prospecting, discusses how using proper language strategies can increase the quality of persuasive sales tactics. Among the many topics we discuss in this episode are:
  • Why social selling is not the sales life cycle answer
  • How unwarranted euphoria has been fueled by digital assets
  • Why strategy is important when implanting social selling tactics
  • How language has become devalued in sales
  • Why adding comments to reposted material is essential
December 10, 2015

On Accelerate! Now: Episode 48 with Todd Schnick. What You Can Learn About Sales Acceleration from Political Campaigns (Which is a Lot).

Todd Schnick, is the founder and CEO of IntrepidNow Media. He learned about accelerated sales and marketing strategies from his experience as a senior political operative and campaign consultant in the front lines of some of the most competitive campaigns ever. (Think “hanging chads”). In this episode Todd talks about the steps required to sell a candidate, which takes place in a very compressed period of time. He provides a fascinating look at the process campaigns use to identify the ideal customer profile, conduct in-depth discovery of customer needs, construct and test a compelling message, and effectively qualify and communicate with the right prospects. And he shows how it all relates back to selling your product or a service to crazy busy prospects who are pressed for time. You definitely want to listen to this episode.