Accelerate Podcast with Andy Paul
April 20, 2016

On Accelerate! Now: Episode 138 with Anita Campbell. The Unique Sales Challenges Small Businesses Face in Today’s Economy

Anita Campbell is the founder and CEO of Small Business Trends, an award-winning online community for small business owners and entrepreneurs. A former corporate attorney, Anita is a business speaker, analyst, publisher and writer. In today’s episode, Anita and I talk about the unique sales challenges small businesses are faced with and how they optimally can respond to these. Among the topics we discuss in this episode are:

  • The biggest challenges in growing a small business.
  • The most effective way to sell to small business CEOs and entrepreneurs.
  • What must small businesses do to differentiate themselves from competitors?
  • How small business can attract and retain top sales talent.
April 11, 2016

On Accelerate! Now: Episode 131 with Lindsey Anderson. 4 Marketing Hacks to Generate Traffic and Sales Leads.

Lindsey Anderson, also known as “One-Click Lindsey”, is the host of the Traffic and Leads podcast. She is an expert in helping small businesses use innovative online marketing strategies to drive more traffic to their websites and generate more sales leads. In this episode, Lindsey provides effective marketing hacks that entrepreneurs and small companies can use to develop new sales opportunities. Listen in as we discuss the following topics and more:

  • The two most common, and costly, mistakes small businesses make in their online marketing and sales efforts.
  • How entrepreneurs should prioritize which online marketing tactics will be the most effective for their businesses.
  • What are the primary characteristics of a great website in terms of being able to generate leads and traffic?
  • Guidelines for using Facebook Marketing, which is paid advertising, to develop highly targeted leads.
March 22, 2016

On Accelerate! Now: Episode 117 with Tom Searcy. Small Business Needs to Shift Their Mindset to Compete For Bigger Deals.

Tom Searcy is the author of the book, Life After the Death of Selling: How to Thrive in the New Era of Sales. He is also co-author of the book, Whale Hunting: How to Land the Big Sales and Transform Your Company. In this episode, Tom and I discuss how small businesses have to change how they think and act to compete with larger companies for bigger deals. Among the topics we discuss are:

  • Why do some of the “Experts” say that ‘sales’ is dying?
  • What do U.S. Department of Labor statistics indicate about future sales employment?
  • How the consultative model is changing in sales.
  • Why small businesses have to solve bigger problems to stay relevant to their customers.
  • How smaller companies must structure themselves to go after the bigger deals.
February 25, 2016

On Accelerate! Now: Episode 99 with Kelly McCormick. How To Tackle The Marketing & Sales Challenges to Growing Your Small Business

In this episode, Kelly McCormick, founder of Outsell Yourself, Inc., the author of Outsell Yourself: Go From Hello To Sold With Ethical Business and Sales Techniques, and a Top 10 Small Business Influencer (as recognized by Small Business Trends.) In this episode, Kelly and I discuss the specific challenges small companies face in growing their business. Listen in as we talk about:

  • The biggest obstacles entrepreneurs and CEOs face in growing their businesses
  • The Aunt Sally Test and why business owners and entrepreneurs need to regularly apply it to their business plans
  • Why it’s essential to continually clarify and refine your goals as your business grows
  • The key to clarifying your messaging in order to break through the noise get noticed by your ideal customer
  • The two triggers to help you decide how balance your investment in sales versus marketing.

This episode is a must listen for any CEO, entrepreneur and sales leader.

October 5, 2015
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On Accelerate! Now: Episode 06 with James Obermayer. James Obermayer shares proven turnaround sales strategies for SMEs

As you might expect from the founder of the Sales Lead Management Association, and the CEO of a sales turnaround consulting firm called Sales Leakage, James Obermayer knows that there is no faster and easier way to grow your sales than to quickly and effectively follow up your sales leads. In this episode, Jim draws on his personal hands-on experience of turning around more than 30 underperforming sales teams, and shares his go-to formula for reviving stagnant sales organizations and achieving sales success (which involves marketing, too!).