Accelerate Podcast with Andy Paul
January 25, 2016

On Accelerate! Now: Episode 76 with Regis Lemmens. The Future Of B2B Sales And The Changing Role Of Sales Reps

In this episode, Regis Lemmens, founder of Sales Cubes and a Professor at leading business schools in the UK, Belgium and the Netherlands, shares the key findings of his extensive research into the future of B2B sales. He describes what his research found to be the necessary and inevitable evolution of consultative selling to a true collaborative partnership with buyers. Among the topics we discuss in this episode are:

  • What is value co-creation and why is it central to the future of B2B selling?
  • Why buyers may start paying you to sell to them. And, what that means for the future of the sales rep.
  • How sales teams will continue to become more specialized. But, not in the way you might think.
  • How the hunter-farmer metaphor for sales reps will become obsolete.

If you’re in sales or sales management, then you definitely need to listen to this episode.



January 18, 2016

On Accelerate! Now: Episode 71 with Lori Richardson. If You Want To Accelerate Your Sales, Hire More Women Sales Reps

In this episode, Lori Richardson, President of Score More Sales, and President of Women Sales Pros, discusses how companies are missing out on the opportunity to accelerate their sales growth by not doing more to recruit and hire qualified women sales reps. Research studies have found that female sales reps routinely outsell their male counterparts. Given that data, if you’re a sales manager, why aren’t you making it a priority to hire more female sales reps? Among the key topics we discuss include:

  • Why the modern sales force continues to be overwhelmingly male dominated.
  • Why female sales reps have higher average quota achievement than men. But are still paid less for the same work.
  • How to attract increased numbers of qualified women candidates for sales jobs
  • How to spot the hidden signals that companies send out that communicate a lack of upward career opportunity for women sales professionals.
  • How to identify the unconscious gender bias in your sales job descriptions that deter female applicants.

If you’re in sales or sales management, then you definitely need to listen to this episode.

December 22, 2015

On Accelerate! Now: Episode 55 with Jim Keenan. Not Taught: What It Takes to be Successful in the 21st Century that Nobody’s Teaching You. Part 2.

Jim Keenan, otherwise known as Keenan, is A Sales Guy, a widely read blogger and the author of a new book, Not Taught: What It Takes to be Successful in the 21st Century that Nobody’s Teaching You. In this episode, which is Part 2 of my extended conversation with Keenan, we talk about his new playbook for success in the 21st century. He describes how the conventional career rules that we all have been taught, have become obsolete. It doesn’t matter which generation you’re part of or what stage of your career you’re at, if you’re not listening to Keenan’s recommendations for taking charge of your own success, then you’re going to fall behind. This is a must listen episode.

November 27, 2015

On Accelerate! Now: Episode 41 Front Line Friday with Bridget Gleason. The Death Of The Salesperson?

My regular guest on Front Line Friday is Bridget Gleason. Bridget is VP of Corporate Sales at SumoLogic. In this episode, we use an article titled The Death of the Salesperson as the jumping off point for our discussion about the future of sales and the changing role of the sales person. Will there still be salespeople in 10 years? With today’s prospects becoming ever less reliant on the salesperson, Bridget and I identify the challenges that all sales reps face in the battle to remain relevant to their customers and what that means in terms of the responsibilities that sellers must assume for their own professional and personal development. You’ll want to listen as we delve into the concept of value co-creation and what that means in terms of how sellers must collaborate with their prospects during their buying process. And, learn how this trend specifically will impact the next generation of sales people: millennials. Make sure you join us for this episode!