Accelerate Podcast with Andy Paul
October 11, 2016

The Only Sales Guide You’ll Ever Need. With Anthony Iannarino. #276

I am very excited to welcome back to Accelerate! my good friend, Anthony Iannarino. Anthony is a speaker, blogger, extraordinary sales leader, and author of a new book, The Only Sales Guide You’ll Ever Need. Join us in this episode as Anthony and I discuss a range of topics from his new book including, why you as a salesperson are the primary value proposition, how psychology is more important than technology in sales, how a healthy sense of competitiveness is critical in sales, and how to ignite your competitive spirit.       

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More about Anthony Iannarino

Is it easier to teach a technical non-salesperson how to sell or teach the salesperson how to sell the value of the product?
I think it’s easier to teach a salesperson to sell the value. I think it’s much more difficult for a technical person, mostly because they’re constrained by their technical knowledge.

If you could change one thing about your business self, what would it be?
I wish that I was more understanding sooner about how important it is to be directive with the people that work for me.

What’s one non-business book that every salesperson should read?
The Lucifer Principle by Howard Bloom

Are buying decisions based on logic or emotion?
Buying decisions are based on emotion and we rationalize to determine the logic after the fact.

How should that change how you sell?
You need to create a preference for you and for your solution, and you need to understand the driving human needs that are causing somebody to want what they want and why they want it.

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