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I used Andy Paul’s techniques in a pitch the day after the workshop and I closed a deal for a pilot program with a very well-known retailer. So I know they work.”

–Eloise Bune, Harvard Business School case study subject and guest lecturer at their Entrepreneurial Studies Program

Andy Paul’s presentation was heartfelt, informative, and engaging; one of the highlights of the conference!”

–Jim Sander, VP of Sales, ACA Talent

Andy Paul drew the largest crowd in our group’s history and member feedback has been nothing but positive.”

–Ken C. Schmitt, Co-Founder, San Diego Sales Leadership Alliance

Keynote & Workshop Topics Customized to Your Needs

  • Zero-Time Selling: Essential Strategies to Accelerate Every Company’s Sales
  • AMP Up Your Sales: Powerful Strategies that Move Customers to Make Fast & Favorable Decisions
  • Selling with Maximum Value: Strategies to Maximize The Value of Every Sales Touch
  • The New Rules for Hiring and Developing Top Sales Talent
  • Selling Through Customer Service
  • Maximizing Margins: Why Negotiate When You Can Sell?
  • Developing and Giving Presentations That Win The Sale


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