Did You Know Your Customers Acquire About 70% of the Information They Need Before They Ever Talk to You?

That Means the Seller Who Can Help a Buyer Make Their Decision
in the Least Time… Wins


Zero-Time Selling: 10 Essential Steps to Accelerate Every Company’s Sales

In today’s fast-paced information-driven economy, your customers will acquire approximately 70% of the information they need to make an informed buying decision about your product or service from the Internet before they ever talk to a salesperson.

[free-preview]When they finally contact you, it means their need for information is time-sensitive and urgent. The sales team that is the first to respond with the complete answers to the customer’s questions dramatically improves their chances to win the order.  Zero-Time Selling shows you how to always be first.

Zero-Time Selling shows every business how to transform their sales by integrating higher levels of responsiveness, information content and speed into every step of the sales process.

You’ll discover how  to:

  • Sell more without increasing headcount
  • Maximize lead conversion
  • Optimize sales results
  • Build a loyal customer base
  • Maximize the buyer’s Return on Time Invested (ROTI)
  • Create a sustainable competitive advantage

Zero-Time Selling Book Reviews

Don’t consider reading any other book on sales until you finish reading Zero-Time Selling. In his important new book, Zero-Time Selling, Andy Paul strips the unnecessary complexity away from the craft and art of selling, revealing the essential path to sales success built on 10 seemingly simple steps. Any sales professional or sales team will quickly see tangible results once they start Zero-Time Selling!

Marshall Goldsmith, Million-Selling the New York Times Best-selling Author
MOJO and What Got You Here Won’t Get You There



Andy Paul, author of Zero-Time Selling, is one of those guys who just gets it. He understands how products are bought and sold. He knows what customers really need and want. This book leverages that savvy to show you how to sell and manage customer relationships in a manner that truly differentiates you. Zero-Time Selling provides a simple framework, based on 10 common sense steps, to achieve and sustain dramatically improved sales results. Read it!

Keith Ferrazzi, Best-selling Author
Never Eat Alone and Who’s Got Your Back


In a field crowded with me-oriented formulas, a sales guru who says, ‘Every customer is the center of your universe,’ sets a whole new standard for the rest of them. Go ahead. Read other how-to sales books. But do yourself a favor and read Zero-Time Selling first.

Steve Farber, Best-selling Author
The Radical Leap Re-Energized and Greater Than Yourself




I love Zero-Time Selling and here’s why – Andy Paul creates the ‘No Spin Zone’ for sales professionals. His idea of everything happening NOW is very Zen, it is philosophical value – but totally and radically practical in today’s super fast, hyper effect market place. Seriously folks, if you want to get that competitive edge that helps you win over and over again – get this book, read it a few times and take your book of business to the next level. The market has changed … have you? The time is now for Zero-Time Selling!

Paul D’Souza, Author
The Market Has Changed—Have You?


There is so much written about sales and selling that it is rare to come across a new perspective and a new take on the essential building blocks of sales success for any organization. In his important new book, Zero-Time Selling, Andy Paul provides 10 simple solutions for any company to accelerate their sales, using resources that they already have in hand, which complement whatever sales methodologies or sales processes they utilize.

Mark Goulston, Best-selling Author
Just Listen, Discover the Secret to Getting Through to Absolutely Anyone


That is so true. That is what I thought Zero-Time Selling should be titled because with each chapter I read in this insightful book I found myself saying out loud, ‘That is so true.’ Andy Paul has written an immensely useful and highly readable book for any sales organization or sales professional that needs to be reminded how sales success is built upon consistent implementation of a handful of simple truths. Zero-Time Selling should be required reading for anyone involved in sales and customer service.

Eric Taylor, Best-selling Author
Mastering the World of Selling and Mastering the World of Marketing


In today’s business climate, people (i.e. your target market) have a sense for anything without positive intentions. They’re more apt to close the door on you because in their minds ‘sales people’ typically persuade, convince, and manipulate. In Zero-Time Selling, Andy Paul provides sales professionals with essential insight on how to serve customers and use business skills relevant to today’s mindset. As a result, your sales will rapidly accelerate.

TR Garland, Best-selling Author, Speaker, & Referral Marketing Strategist
Building The Ultimate Network



Andy’s Zero-Time Selling has a refreshing look at sales. While Andy prescribes speed as the foundation of succeeding in sales, he nicely blends the need for caring for the customers in a big way. It’s a must read for everyone in sales or anyone interested in a sales career.

Rajesh Setty, Entrepreneur, Author and Speaker



Everyone sells. We are all selling products, services or ideas. No matter what your role is – sales rep, business owner, entrepreneur, or an employee looking to get ahead- you need the concepts that Andy espouses in Zero-Time Selling, a groundbreaking book.

Stephen Shapiro, Author
Best Practices Are Stupid and Personality Poker


I recommend Zero-Time Selling for anyone driven to achieve more sales, a shorter sales cycle, and higher closing ratios. Simply put, this is a book all about winning in sales.

Noah Blumenthal, Author
Be the Hero


There are lots of good selling systems out there. But no matter what selling system you use you have to make sure you are Zero-Time Selling first. In his thoughtful new book, Zero-Time Selling, Andy Paul lays out 10 simple solutions that every company should be using to accelerate sales. These are so logical, effective and easy to understand that you will be able to start Zero-Time Selling the moment you finish the book. And, if you’re like me, you’ll still be wondering why you didn’t think of this yourself.

Jerry Jenkins, CEO
Jenkins Group, Inc.


In Zero-Time Selling, Andy Paul provides the next generation road map for sales success. I can’t imagine why every serious sale professional would not have this book in their tool kit!

Ed Wallace, Critically Acclaimed Author, Founder
Business Relationships That Last, Relational Capital Group



When I started my new consulting business, I was confident that I was the best in my field. However, I suddenly realized I had to sell my service and I had no clue how to get started. Zero-Time Selling changed things for me. Andy’s 10 steps provide a simple but complete roadmap to assisting me in engaging with potential clients and going to the next level with others. In fact, I’ve met a number of service providers in my industry that could benefit from Zero-Time Selling. Thanks, Andy, for keeping it real and keeping it simple.

Marv Russell, Founder and CEO
Marv Russell & Partners



In sales as in the world of aerial combat, speed, intelligence and target customized tactics are the key ingredients to every successful mission. In Zero-Time Selling, Andy Paul shares practical tools and techniques on how to leverage these and other assets to give you the competitive edge necessary to fly, fight and win every sales mission. Don’t take off without it!

Lt. Col. Rob “Waldo” Waldman, Author, New York Times and Wall Street Journal Best-seller
Never Fly Solo


I define agility as resilience, responsiveness and reflection. What I liked best about Andy Paul’s message in Zero-Time Selling is that it fosters the level of attentiveness required to be relevant in today’s complex landscape. For those of you who want to improve your observation skills and create relevance, this read in an agility enhancer.

Jennifer Sertl, Author, President
Strategy Leadership & the Soul, Agility3R


Andy Paul has written the book that all those in sales – particularly those who hope to sell something to me – must read. Zero-Time Selling has the tools that CEO’s, entrepreneurs, and sales professionals need to strip away the extraneous time-wasters that cause potential buyers to flee in the other direction. Bring in the business that others have lost by applying the simple, humorous, and easy-to-read steps Andy has drawn from his years of experience on the front lines of the tough business of selling. A great read!

Carolyn Kepcher, CEO
Carolyn & Co Media, Former Co-Star- The Apprentice


Business has changed. The selling strategies that worked before won’t do. Your customer wants to get more done in less time and you need Zero-Time Selling to sell today, and into the future. Read the book. Follow what Andy Paul teaches you and you’ll sell a lot more.

Warren Whitlock, Author
Profitable Social Media


Zero-Time Selling takes the art of sales and distills it into 10 solutions that every sales professional should use to improve sales performance. If you are looking for a practical, straightforward and high impact solutions to get your organization to sell with urgency: this is your book.

John Baker, Author
The Asking Formula


When the business of selling, and the business of sales books, is becoming more complex and weighted down with dense new vocabularies, Zero-Time Selling boils the art of sales down to 10 simple steps that every sales professional and organization should use today to achieve improved sales results. Logical, smart and easy to understand, you should implement Zero-Time Selling today or the smart companies will use it to win orders from your
customers tomorrow.

John Butler, CEO
Revenue Factors, Inc.


Businesses of all sizes struggle when the economy is down. Making payroll seems to be harder than ever. After giving plan A and plan B a try, it’s time to try ‘sell your way out’ of the recession. Zero-Time Selling can serve as the user’s guide to increasing revenues and gaining market share. It’s about getting and keeping new customers. If you run a business or are in sales it’s a must read. The book’s author Andy Paul, a very successful high tech salesman, shows readers how to take simple steps for putting their companies back on the track to meet and
break quota

John Katsaros, Principal, Author
Internet Research Group, Getting it Right the First Time


Andy Paul has a superb 30-year track record in sales management and business development in highly competitive markets. He has seen it all first-hand: what works for companies working hard to increase sales while keeping existing customers happy—and what doesn’t. Zero-Time Selling distills and delivers to you in highly readable form the practical insights that Andy has gained in the very real world of selling. Whether you run sales in a large corporation or you’re the CEO of a promising start-up, the ideas in this book will light a fire under your sales team NOW.

Matt Slavik, Consultant
Silicon Valley



Don’t consider reading any other book on sales until you’ve finished reading Zero-Time Selling. This compelling new book by Andy Paul strips the unnecessary complexity away from the craft and art of selling, revealing the essential path to sales success built on 10 succinct steps that must quickly be implemented in any business. I am sure any sales team will start to see real results once they implement Zero-Time Selling. Don’t waste time, put this into practice now!

Gioia Messinger, Founder & CEO
Linked Objects, Inc.


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