Accelerate Podcast with Andy Paul
February 13, 2017

How to Use Dignity and Humor to Engage with Prospects. With Dianna Geairn. #380

Joining me on this episode of Accelerate! is my guest Dianna Geairn, The Irreverent Salesgirl. Among the many topics that Dianna and I discuss are Dianna’s intention to restore dignity to the profession of sales, how and why she uses a musical stage production with animation to teach sales principles, some sales myths Dianna debunks, and, how a company becomes sales ready.


[2:14] The Irreverent Salesgirl aims to turn sales myths on their heads, with humor. The organization’s tagline is bringing a dash of dignity to the art of selling. Their mission is to drive public perception of sales as a profession.

[4:06] Dianna writes, blogs, and does a stage show about sales. She says, she sells by day, and fights “sales crimes” by night.

[5:48] Dianna was transfixed by Eddie Murphy’s show “Raw,” and wanted to bring something similar to sales. People absorb new concepts much better through entertainment than other ways.

[7:39] Diana discusses two Sales Myths: Sales Myth 1: Never accept a “No.” Sales Myth 2: Salespeople must overcome objections.

[14:27] Dianna discusses her upcoming book, Sales Readiness and what it means for companies to be “sales ready.”

[18:44] Why Dianna suggests listening to what people are asking you to provide in order to learn what people are ready to buy.

[21:59] Why an entrepreneur must be able to sell their product before you hiring someone to sell it for them.

[27:20] What is the aha moment in sales?

[36:54] Why you need to allow your sales professionals to go off script, take risks, make mistakes, and unleash their natural genius.

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More about Dianna Geairn.

What’s your most powerful sales attribute?
My sense of humor.

Who is your sales role model?
David Sandler.

What’s one book that every salesperson should read?
Fanatical Prospecting: The Ultimate Guide to Opening Sales Conversations and Filling the Pipeline by Leveraging Social Selling, Telephone, Email, Text, and Cold Calling, by Jeb Blount.

What music is on your playlist right now?
Ambrosia, “How Much I Feel.”

Contact Dianna Geairn.

Contact Diana:

Facebook: The Irreverent Salesgirl






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