December 5, 2017
Topics: Email, Podcast

#606: Harvest Vital Sales Intelligence from Reply Emails w/ Matt Benati


Matt Benati, CEO & Co-founder at LeadGnome, joins me on this episode of Accelerate!



  • Matt says the single biggest challenge facing sales reps today is getting a voice and standing out from the rest. Prospects are overloaded. To adjust, provide true value to prospects as a partner, helping all along the sales cycle.
  • To stand out in any medium, don’t send the same email to every prospect. Look at email from the prospect’s point of view. When a prospect replies, listen well and follow up with information that is highly important them.
  • LeadGnome came from Matt’s efforts to use information found in reply email. LeadGnome uses AI to harvest relevant client information from every reply and adds the data to your account automation or CRM system.
  • A notice of a changing email domain could represent a rebranding or a merger/acquisition. This is critical intelligence to provide to the account team, after changing the email address as indicated.
  • Reply email contains intelligence from within accounts that matter to the sales team now — prospects they have already approached. This intelligence helps align marketing and sales.
  • LeadGnome’s ICP includes mid-market to enterprise companies sending out so many email messages that their teams cannot analyze all the replies generated. They must be savvy in their marketing stack and sales stack.
  • LeadGnome believes that email as a component of your go-to-market strategy is here to stay. Email has a strong conversion rate, compared to social.
  • Messaging and texts are areas that LeadGnome is exploring for future products.
  • Matt discusses strategies for timing your emails for best open rates. LeadGnome sends out one email a week, on Tuesday evening. They use double opt-in; their unsubscribe rate is negligible.
  • Matt compares the levels of intrusion between phone calls, emails, and texts. He suggests how to meet customer expectations about scheduling calls.
  • LeadGnome is not driven by investors, so they set their own goals.



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