October 3, 2019
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#729 SEO, Lead Generation, and Sales Education, with Gaetano DiNardi

Gaetano DiNardi, Director of Demand Generation at Nextiva, joins me on this episode of #Accelerate!


  • Gaetano started as a musician but wanted a career that would challenge his brain. He started a music blog. Through blogging, he inadvertently taught himself SEO.
  • Gaetano learned that SEO helps you create content your customers and prospects want and will find. Gaetano was hired by Michael King, an SEO professional as his first break into SEO as a career. Gaetano is now with Nextiva.
  • Gaetano wants to continue producing music as a ‘studio rat’ behind the scenes and making great music with great artists. Gaetano is launching a startup, Musicians in Tech.
  • Gaetano shares ideas on the causes of the high rate of turnover in sales. It starts with unrealistic expectations of leadership and a lack of training for the sales team.
  • No one is really committed to training and educating their sellers, Andy observes. Gaetano says the only way to break through a barrier is by selling better. Gaetano notes where training is lacking by listening to sales calls.
  • Do you see sales as something you do to someone or something you do with someone? Is training something you do to your sales team or is it an investment you provide for them? Focus on learning, not training.
  • Andy does a sales kickoff presentation with a follow-up commitment of four webinars. Some companies will pay for the package but never do the webinars! Andy talks about helping promote longevity in sales jobs.
  • Gaetano suggests developing your personal brand to find your success and to differentiate yourself. Gaetano receives many sales pitches because he has ‘demand generation’ in his LinkedIn title. That’s his brand.
  • Use a real photo in your LinkedIn profile, not a glamor shot. Gaetano suggests having at least an ‘all-star’ level of completeness in your LinkedIn profile. Be authentic.
  • Most products don’t ‘fly off the shelves.’ You have to sell them; the customer is buying you. The key to success is being the best version of you. There are variables in sales. As you improve, you narrow the range of uncertainty.
  • Educate your sellers about what it takes to win a piece of business. Emphasize winning over following the process. Learn to sell ‘savagely well.’
  • Gaetano tells about ‘Last-minute Larry,’ a buzzer-beater who always makes quota on the last day of the month. Andy suggests asking what day he did his term papers in college. Procrastination is a problem that can be helped.

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