April 16, 2017

Accelerate! Expresso #02: Weekly Highlights Show April 10-15

 width=Accelerate! Expresso is a weekly round-up show that contains snippets from each interview from the previous week’s slate of guests on Accelerate!

These clips have been edited into a tight, short show that will give you just a taste of the insights you missed if you didn’t catch every episode of Accelerate!

In this episode, you’ll hear excerpts from my conversations with my guests during the week of April 10-15. That’s episodes 428-433 if you track Accelerate! that way.

Come listen as I was joined by the following experts: Gerhard Gschwandtner, Trish Bertuzzi, Giles House, Greg Dalli, Paul Kortman and my usual Friday guest, Bridget Gleason.

It will whet your appetite to go back and listen to an entire episode with your favorite featured guest.