February 6, 2017

How to Accelerate Your Growth by Aligning Sales and Marketing. With Andrea Austin. #374

Joining me on this episode of Accelerate! is my guest Andrea Austin, Vice President of Enterprise Sales at InsideView, and the co-author of a brand new book called Aligned to Achieve: How to Unite Your Sales and Marketing Teams into a Single Force for Growth.


[2:12]  Andrea started at IBM as a marketing sales associate. Their ‘Selling Fridays’ taught her how to handle objections. [5:08] Andrea joined InsideView three years ago, where she met her co-author, Tracy Eiler.

[6:33] Andrea talks about handoff points between marketing and sales; MQL, SQL, and SAL; and conversion rates. In enterprise selling, some of the best leads in sales come from their own work. Andrea leverages Marketing for branding.

[7:25] In SaaS, the buyer is now in charge. They do their due diligence before they engage with sales. Sales and Marketing need to align, to participate effectively in the customer experience.

[10:37] Andrea says research pigeonholes the buyer’s thinking, as they seek the solution to one business pain point. Her goal is to influence the buyer’s perception of their whole problem.

[12:51] Andrea explains how alignment can increase revenue by 10%, profitability by 15%, and growth rate by 19%, through clarity between areas; each doing that at which they excel.

[16:16] InsideView researched where 1,000 respondents felt they were aligned, and not aligned: communication, processes, metrics, and data on target accounts. Aligned to Achieve attacks these in three ways: people, processes, and technology.

[19:25] The book was written because misalignment between marketing and sales is too great.

[23:38] Alignment requires a cultural change that needs the CEO to publicly support it. When sales and marketing push together, more happens.

[27:25] To align sales & marketing efforts, Andrea organized a bi-weekly Smarketing meeting, which looks at results two weeks back, near events two weeks ahead, and plans two weeks beyond, making a six-week rolling window to align plans and feedback.

[35:30] Aligned to Achieve uses a looped symbol to represent the sales funnel on its head, continually cycling through the Find, Engage, Close, and Grow stages of the customer relationship.