December 9, 2015

On Accelerate! Now: Episode 47 with Nancy Munro. You Lost Me At “Hello.” How Prospects Make Decisions About You Based on the Sound of Your Voice.

Nancy Munro is the Founder/CEO of Knowledge Shift. Increasingly, sales interactions with prospects take place virtually; usually over the phone. In this episode Nancy talks about the impact the quality of your speaking voice makes on a prospect. She discusses research that demonstrates that prospects are making judgments about your trustworthiness and credibility just by hearing you say the word “hello.” Kind of scary, isn’t it? Successful selling is about paying to detail. And one detail you can’t overlook is how you are perceived by your prospects. Nancy describes not only how you can assess your voice but also how you can control how you use your voice to influence the outcome of a sale. She also describes the tools and technologies that are available to help you with all of this. If you’re in a customer-facing sales or service role, then you definitely must listen to this episode.