March 15, 2016

On Accelerate! Now: Episode 112 with Steve Richard. The Importance of Using Sales Call Recordings to Train and Coach Sales Reps

Steve Richard is the co-founder of Vorsight and VorsightBP and a serial sales entrepreneur. Steve is also the co-founder and Chief Revenue Officer for Exec Vision, which focuses on conversational insights to transform the way executives and sales reps understand their business. In this episode, Steve discusses how to use state-of-the art sales call recording techniques to transform your sales reps’ performance. We also dive into other topics including:

  • The reasons most companies are missing the opportunity to use sales call recording for training purposes
  • Why asking the “WHY” questions is an important discovery strategy
  • Why you can’t just give your sales reps a playbook and expect them to succeed
  • Why are call recording laws so misunderstood?