April 10, 2016

The Best of Accelerate! How To Simplify and Shorten Sales Cycles with Value-based Selling

One of my favorite shows so far has been Episode 66 of Accelerate! featuring my guest, Bob Apollo. There is always a lot of talk among sales leaders about the need to sell with value. However, too often these efforts fall short of the mark.

In this episode, from January of this year, Bob Apollo, founder of Inflexion-Point Strategy Partners, based in the UK, does a great job of describing how to use value-based selling to transform the performance of your sales efforts. Among the many topics we discussed are:

  • How to use value-based selling to tap into the full potential and elevate the productivity of your B and C level sales reps.
  • Effective strategies for using value-based sales as a tool to increase the ROI that decision-makers receive from the time they invest in meetings with your sales reps.
  • How top sales reps synchronize and align the delivery of value with the customer’s buying process in order to simplify and shorten the time to an order.

Tune in today and listen as Bob defines a process that every manager and sales leader can use to build a strong value-based sales culture in their organizations. Do not miss this episode!