March 27, 2016

The Best of Accelerate!: You Can’t Run A Sales Organization When You’re Buried In Crap

This is one of my favorite episodes from the Accelerate! archives.

Mike Weinberg has written two excellent books about how to develop new business and how to manage sales. In this episode we had a fast, fun conversation about some of the key lessons he teaches about sales management in his latest book: Sales Management. Simplified.

We all know that growing sales is hard work. In his most recent book, Sales Management. Simplified, Mike Weinberg takes dead aim at the self-destructive, self-defeating behaviors of sales managers (and senior management) that unnecessarily impede and slow down sales growth. In this episode, Mike, with his trademark bluntness, provides the diagnosis and the cure for common sales management challenges. And he outlines his simple framework for sales management that any organization can use to achieve their sales goals. Sales leaders: this was a must listen episode when it first aired. It still is essential listening today!