The Uncertainty Principle in Selling

Using Change to Your Competitive Advantage You probably don’t consider the impact of physics on your sales efforts. But you should. You should evaluate your prospects’ buying processes in terms of Heisenberg’s famous principle of uncertainty. Werner Heisenberg, winner of the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1932, is most well known for his Uncertainty Principle in which he demonstrated that …

4 Questions to Simple, Effective Sales Stories

4 Questions to Simple, Effective Sales Stories Recently much has been written about putting the power of story to use in sales in order to better communicate the value of your product, service, company to your prospects. Despite the quantity of stories around the value of integrating stories and storytelling into selling, I am seeing very little storytelling put into …

2 Questions That Indicate You are Hiring Backwards

By Andy Paul   [email protected] Think carefully about this for minute. When do you usually check the references for a sales candidate you want to hire? When Do You Check References? Do you wait until you have made up your mind to hire someone before you check their references? That is what most sales hiring managers do. They postpone the …

4 Simple Steps to Implement Value-Based Persistence


Effective Follow up with Value-based Persistence

Persistence is a valuable characteristic to have if you’re a salesperson. Persistence is about refusing to give up even in the face of adversity. And, there can be a lot of adversity in selling. Keep reading to learn how to use persistence to create value for your prospect while waiting for them to engage.

Are You Selling or Are They Buying?


This is not a trick question.

Are you selling or is your customer buying? The answer is both. There is both a sales cycle and buying cycle(s) occurring concurrently on every deal. Understanding the balance between the two is essential for every seller.

Why is this important to you? Because the sole purpose of a sales cycle is to support the buying cycle by helping the customer accomplish a single task: making a fully informed decision to purchase the right product or service for their needs.

Read on to learn more about what you can do to create value for the buyer, establish instant credibility, build trust, and put yourself at the head of the pack competing for their business.

4 Simple Rules to Being Absolutely Responsive

By Andy Paul Customers today are armed with a wealth of data gleaned from the Internet about the products and services they want even before they contact a seller for the first time. Given the trove of information available online, if a buyer still has questions after doing their research, then their need for an answer is, by definition, urgent …