October 21, 2016

How to Eliminate Your Sales Biases. With Bridget Gleason. #285

Welcome to another Front Line Friday with my remarkable guest, Bridget Gleason. On this week’s episode, Bridget and I focus on one of the bad habits in sales, which I refer to as “sales biases”. I think we all have filters that we use to judge certain situations. And in sales, one of the most common biases sales people have is when they encounter a new prospect and think “oh, these guys are just like this other company I dealt with, so I’m going to do the same thing here that I did there”. Once you start looking at situations, or people, through a filter, you stop really being alive to the possibilities of what’s different and what value or insight you can bring to the prospect that help differentiate you. And help you close the sale.

Join Bridget and I for this episode of Accelerate! to learn how to identify your own sales biases, and how to minimize their impact on how you approach each prospect.