March 24, 2017

Are You a Great Candidate for Your Next Sales Job? With Bridget Gleason. #414

Bridget Gleason is VP of Sales for and my regular guest on Front Line Fridays.


[1:54] Bridget is hiring for the Boston office of! Hires must be a good cultural fit in this foundational group. Account Executives are needed for mainly inside complex sales of log management and analytics to mid-level technical prospects.

[5:55] Bridget has been using LinkedIn and in-house recruiters. One investor, OpenView, has been a great source. Bridget looks for signs of leadership on a resume. Listen to hear the other qualities she seeks.

[8:51] Don’t be overly modest on your resume. Include leadership roles, even if not titled as such.

[9:34] Schools indicate your background. A high GPA is positive, but not the determining factor.

[11:00] Attention to detail on a resume suggests attention to detail in sales. Bridget looks for two to five years of experience, and if you had a job in school. She wants ambition, hustle, self-directedness, curiosity, leadership, and teamwork.

[13:17] Bridget’s interviews: Candidates are phone screened for their narrative, then they present a mock discovery call to show preparedness and understanding. When they meet, Bridget looks for presence. The CEO Skypes each candidate.

[17:51] Bridget explores what she means by presence.

[19:11] Is it easy for a new salesperson to be ‘comfortable in their own skin’? How does that influence an interview? How does it relate to leadership? Bridget talks about a new hire on a non-traditional path, and how he interviewed with the CEO.

[21:39] How do military veterans fit into the culture? In Israel, military service is compulsory!