How Has Sales Management Changed in the Digital Era?

Nov 8, 2016 | Sales Blog

I recently participated in a panel discussion webinar hosted by Pipeliner CRM about the changes in sales management driven by the digital era. John Golden, Chief Strategy Officer, at Pipeliner moderated the discussion. In addition to me, the panelists included Mike Kunkle, Sr Director of Sales Readiness Consulting at Brainshark and Jim Obermayer, Founder of the Sales Lead Management Association.

It was a lively discussion around the central question of how much sales management has really been changed by the increased role of technology, data and analytics in sales. Among the questions fielded by the panelists included:

  • How do you convince sales managers and organizations of the need to change and adapt to the Digital World?
  • How do you help sales managers differentiate between tools that are really useful and those that are just shiny new toys?
  • What are some first steps you’d advise a sales manager to take to start adapting their management style to the Digital Age?
  • What should managers do if they are less digitally evolved than their sales people?
  • What are the main challenges that lay ahead for the discipline of sales management?

Click above to join us for this entertaining, educational and informative webinar.


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