Is your connection with your buyer hanging by a thread?

Jul 20, 2022 | How To Sell, Relationship Building, Sales Development, Sales Training

2 is better than 1

Don’t single thread it when you connect with a buyer.

In this instance, I mean building a human connection with an individual stakeholder (not the collective buyer.)

Would you build an account strategy for a major opportunity based on a single-threaded point of contact? Of course you wouldn’t.

The same lesson applies to building relationships with key stakeholders in the buyer’s DMU. (btw is there a more superfluous acronym in sales??)

Research finds that humans put more trust in relationships where there is more than one basis for connecting.

Sociologists call these “multiplex ties.”

The strongest connections you can build with your individual buyers will be based on a combination of personal and business touch points.

In other words, the strongest connections are based on finding multiple areas of common ground.

So, if you’re been coached that buyers have “no time for small talk” that’s just wrongheaded.

When you’re taught that you have to keep the conversation “all business,” that’s super wrong too.

The combination of personal and business ties is stronger than just business alone.

How do you build multiplex ties with buyers? The same way you would with any person in your life

Start by being more interested in them than you are in yourself.

Then, it sounds almost silly at this point to have to mention this, but before you meet with a stakeholder at a new account, do your research. Do your preparation. Use LinkedIn. Social. Google. TikTok.

What can you learn about this person, from a personal context, that will help you establish a stronger connection?

Are there areas where your interests overlap?





Sports team?




People you follow?

Then create some simple open-ended questions that spark some conversation about any one of those topics where you have an interest too.

It’s the multiplex ties that bind.

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