My Book is Out Today! Here’s Why I Wrote It

Feb 23, 2022 | How To Sell, Personal and Professional Development, Relationship Building, Sales Books

Sell Without Selling Out is now available for purchase, reading (or listening if you prefer) and reviewing! It’s my road-tested framework for rejecting the outdated salesy behaviors that buyers hate and seizing control of how you sell.

This book has been 2.5 years in the making.

I had most of a draft manuscript written prior to the start of the pandemic.

Then with all the craziness and confusion going on at that time I lost focus and momentum. 

The writing came to a grinding halt.

However, as Winston Churchill once said “Never let a good crisis go to waste”.

A Crisis Wasted

Unfortunately, in sales, we’ve done just that.

As we’ve worked our way through the pandemic we had the perfect opportunity to reinvent selling.

We had the opportunity to take advantage of the disruption in our normal ways of doing business to fundamentally reshape how we interact and work with our buyers to help them make their decisions.

Instead, we’ve let the moment pass us by.

Because instead of embracing needed change we have doubled down on the salesy behaviors that repel buyers. We act as if these salesy actions are somehow less cringe-inducing if they’re performed digitally vs in-person. (Hint: they’re not.)

We have to take a hard look in the mirror and ask ourselves, how long are we willing to maintain the status quo when:80% of decision makers state they find no value in their interactions with sellers

👉 Only 3% of people trust salespeople

👉 Fewer than 50% of sellers hit their quotas

👉 Close rates and win rates are dropping

👉 Increasing percentages of buyers state that they’d prefer not to deal with salespeople

For me, enough was enough. The profession I loved was in danger of burning to the ground and something had to be said.

And, that lit the fuse that drove me to finish this book.

It’s Time to Take Back Sales

I believe that everyone can make the decision to stop these salesy behaviors today. 

Every seller can easily go cold turkey and just kick the habit. Today.

These salesy behaviors have no value for the buyer. And, if they have no value for the buyer, they have no value for you. So, just stop. Today.

The sellers who will most successfully adapt and thrive in an increasingly digital future are those who learn how to differentiate themselves by amplifying their most uniquely human attributes:

👉 To connect and collaborate with other humans

👉 To deploy their curiosity to navigate the new and unfamiliar

👉 To move beyond knowing to truly understanding what is important to others

👉 To generously give to help others get what is most important to them

In Sell Without Selling Out I’ve created the playbook for those truly modern sellers.

It’s for sellers who understand that selling is not something you do TO a buyer. It’s a collaborative process you do with a buyer.

It’s for sellers who want to work with their buyers to create the kind of positive buying experiences that lead to shorter decision cycles and higher win rates.

It’s for the sellers who are choosing to abandon the obsolete salesy behaviors that repel their buyers.

In short, it’s for you.

Death to Salesy!


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