Objections Aren’t the Problem, You Are

Jun 30, 2022 | How To Sell, Personal and Professional Development, Sales Coaching

Don’t “handle” objections.

Answer them.

Here’s the thing: words matter. Words dictate our actions.

What happens when a buyer “objects” to your pricing? You get defensive

What happens when you try to “handle” an objection? You become adversarial.

The whole idea of “handling” an objection is that you come up with a work around without addressing the core concern of the buyer. In other words, you get a bit manipulative. Salesy.

And your buyers feel that.

Do this instead.

First of all, you need to understand that your buyers aren’t objecting to your pricing. Or, whatever you think they are objecting to.

They don’t care enough to object. “Your Honor, I object to this pricing!” Seriously, they don’t care that much.

What buyers actually are saying is that they don’t understand something.

Like the rationale behind your pricing. Or they don’t understand the value and payback they’ll receive from investing in your products. They don’t understand why it makes business sense for them.

In other words, their “objection” is just a question.

That’s all an objection is. A question.

And buyers need you to answer it. Not deflect it. Or obfuscate. Or detour around it.

Where an “objection” is adversarial, a question is cooperative.

You work with the buyer to understand and answer their question.

So, don’t get all defensive and try to “handle” an objection. Or “manage” the objection.

It smacks of manipulation. And your buyers feel it.

Instead ask your own question(s) to precisely define what the question is that the buyer needs you to answer. Then answer it.

It’s pretty simple.

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