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Plan Better.Achieve More!

Based on 40+ years experience & $600M in deals closed, the Sales Growth Planner is the ultimate accountability tool for high-achieving salespeople who want to hit their goals.

"This is the ULTIMATE planner for high-performance sellers and sales leaders."- Jonathan M., General Manager

Build your sales plan, design your learning plan, and measure them against each other. 

The Sales Growth Planner is built to help you identify your big, bold sales goals and give you a step-by-step framework to enable the learning and growing you need to achieve them.

Created by me, sales expert and bestselling author, Andy Paul. The Sales Growth Planner is designed to enable you to act on your highest priorities and ensure that you are holding yourself accountable.

It’s based on a planning format that I’ve successfully used for four decades as a top producer and high-growth sales leader. The thought and effort you put into creating your plan will be repaid with interest at the end of 12 months.


Sales Growth Planner & Journal


Create Your 12-Month Sales Plan & Learning Plan

Define your major sales goals for the following 12-months and the knowledge, skills and behaviors you need to meet and exceed your sales goals.


Build Your 90-Day Sales & Learning Action Plan

Based on your 12-month sales and learning goals you will create a detailed 90-day Sales Action Plan and 90-day Learning Plan. These contain the specific actions you will take to learn and grow.


Journal Your Daily Learning Activities

In the Learning Journal pages we’ve created an intuitive system to help you easily track what you’ve learned, how and where you learned it and how you can apply it to your selling. Each page gives you room to note every key sales lesson you’ve learned in a week for easy review.


Review Quarterly


Every 90 days you’ll review your performance against your 90-day plans. This is when you’ll make critical adjustments to your Sales and Learning Action Plans to ensure you’re doing everything you can to achieve your goals.

All the tools for achieving your goals

The Sales Growth Planner gives you a full 12 month plan. Begin at any time on any date. You don’t want to wait until January to start executing your plan. To make it super easy to get started, I’ve created a sample plan for you to reference. See those images below? Those are straight from the Sales Growth Planner you’ll receive!

Goal Setting

Set detailed goals that you can achieve. This is not a “set and forget” plan. You’ll see that it requires some detailed thought to define your goals. That makes it more likely that you’ll achieve them.

12-Month Sales Goals

Your goals are the basis of a powerful sales plan. There’s a proven logic to this plan. Follow all the steps and you’ll increase your chances of hitting and exceeding your goals.

12-Month Learning Goals

Even Einstein was a committed life-long learner. So must you. Here’s where you’ll spell out the skills and knowledge you need to acquire and master in order to hit your targets.

90-Day Learning ActionPlan

Here’s where you spell out the actual learning steps you’re committing to take. You’ll do this at the start of each 90-day period. Why 90 days? Because life changes so quickly that it’s pointless to plan for longer periods.

90-Day Sales Action Plan

Just like your Learning Action Plan, you’ll create your Sales Action Plan 90-days at a time. Every 90-days you’ll review your progress and adjust plans as needed to make sure you’re on track to achieve your goals.

Daily Learning Journal

I created this powerful, intuitive system to quickly and easily track what you’re learning, the format you’re learning in and your key takeaways. Writing down these key lessons learned is a vital part of learning, and remembering what you’ve learned.

Quarterly Review

Every 90 days you’re going to compare your results against your plans and assess your progress. You’ll quickly see what you’ll need to do differently in the next 90 days. And then make that adjustment to your next 90 day Action plans.

My Quick Reference Guide

Best practices for building a relationship with a buyer, conducting effective discovery, true prospect qualification and calculating your lead deficit.

Functional, Well Designed, Aesthetically Pleasing

  • Spiral bound book lays flat for easy writing
  • 5.5in" x 8.5" dimensions
  • 127 pages
  • Sample plan provides simple “how-to” instructions

About Andy Paul

Hey, that’s me! I've been in B2B sales for over 40 years and sold everything from computers to SMBs, to complex communications systems to the world’s largest enterprises. I've been responsible for hundreds of millions of dollars in new business, and now I teach ambitious salespeople, sales teams, and companies to grow their revenue.


Cameron Madill

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Anna Talerico

Co-founder - ion interactive

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"Andy is an exceptional sales coach. In just one day, he was able to inspire my sales team and provide valuable insight on the best approaches to selling with maximum impact.. his techniques were instantly effective and continue to be implemented on a daily basis."

"I learned more about sales from Andy during his hour-long presentation than I had in the previous six months. Andy has keen insights into the new psychology of your buyers and your sales team, and how to stop leaving money on the table."

"Andy's buyer-centric sales approach is must for today’s now economy... In less than an hour with Andy, our group identified multiple areas where a lack of responsiveness was costing us revenue and, more importantly, affecting our reputation."

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I wait to use this at the start of the year?

No! Why would you wait to start learning and improving? This is a 12-month planner that you can start using on any day of the year. Like today.

Is there a digital version of the SGP?

Sorry, no. Well, actually I’m not sorry. I was just being polite. People learn and retain information more completely if they have to reflect and write down key lessons learned. And, writing a plan out by hands spurs your creativity. (Especially if you use a #2 lead pencil.) Sales is, if nothing else, a profession that demands a fair amount of creativity. 

Isn’t my goal just to hit quota?

No! Quota may be the least relevant number you put into your plan. Quota is just a target. In the Sales Growth Planner you’re going to define goals that YOU want to achieve. And you will define all of the detailed intermediate steps to take and milestones to hit that will enable you to hit your target. If you don’t know these details, your chances of hitting quota go way down.

Can I buy this in bulk for my sales team?

Absolutely, yes! I selfishly encourage that. There is great value in having each member of your team create a personal development plan that contain goals that they are committed to, and accountable for achieving. At least monthly you’ll want to devote a substantial portion of a 1-on-1 coaching session to reviewing the plans and progress of each seller.

How will I know how to fill out the plan?

I’ve included a sample plan in the Sales Growth Planner. Flip back to Appendix A. It’s all there. Handwritten out. Spend some serious time looking at how I constructed the sample. You’ll understand the logic that goes into creating an effective and useful plan.

What is the cost of shipping?

Shipping is FREE to all U.S. addresses.

I haven’t used a spiral bound book since high school. Why are you?

Me either! I apologize if we’re triggering some high school flashbacks. However, it was important that the book open up completely and lay flat so it would be easy to write in. We ran a number of binding options past members of The Sales House. Unlike other recent elections, Spiral won by a clear majority.

Do you ship internationally?

Of course! The cost of shipping is $14.95 for Canada. And $19.95 for all other international locations.