February 17, 2017

Is Your Process More Important Than Your Prospect? With Bridget Gleason. #384

Welcome to another Front Line Friday with my very special guest and honorary co-host, Bridget Gleason. On this week’s episode, Bridget and I discuss a listener’s question, which leads to an exploration of process and customer engagement.


[:59] A listener asks how we, as sales folks, are to get enough of our prospect’s time to do all the activities required in the sales process. This rep has made thousands of calls.

[2:24] Are we over complicating things with our process? Are we aligning our selling efforts with the way the prospect wants to buy?

[4:59] Bridget wants new reps to follow the process, to show they understand it. She does not want “crazy deviation,” but encourages them to use their brain through the process.

[6:46] Managers should be aware of the process. There is a need for information to qualify a deal, and that the right people are involved in certain calls, with as few steps as possible. A process should have some flexibility; not too much.

[8:28] Science shows a large fraction of buyers want just enough information to make the good enough decision, quickly. Herbert Simon explained most people are satisficers; fewer are maximizers, who want to look deep into the details.

[9:22] Robert Cialdini said people want two things from complex decisions: to be good, and to be gone.

[11:32] Part of the question is, how do I get enough time with the prospect to get all the information I need? The way people get time, is to earn time. Add enough value, early, by email, phone message, social media, to earn trust and time.

[14:28] There has to be a dialog between the reps, and the organization, on what works, and what doesn’t, to refine the process, to align with how the buyer wants to buy.

[17:48] Don’t let “the process” replace coaching and managing your people. Don’t suppose that the process is optimized, so the people are the problem. Coach the people.

[19:18] Be in a continual state of evaluation. People are making a living claiming their methods are absolutely perfect. Be wary. Find something that works, but be mindful, evaluate as you go.