Sales Tip Video: Sometimes Doing Nothing Is The Best Sales Strategy

Jul 30, 2015 | Sales Blog

As salespeople, we can sometimes be our own worst enemy. We hate silence. Especially radio silence from prospects. The thought of not knowing what is going on and not being in constant contact with them can be anxiety provoking.

Our anxiety often provokes us into picking up the phone to just “touch base” or “check in.” But, touching bases with prospects leads to empty sales interactions that wastes their time. Time that they don’t have to spare (nor do you). Which leads them to think that it’s probably not worth their time to answer our calls.

Wasting a prospect’s time like this is not a winning sales strategy. In fact, it isn’t a strategy at all. It’s just random sales activity masquerading as a strategy. Yes, it may calm a salesperson’s nerves but it isn’t delivering any value to help their buyer move closer to making a decision. In which case, it’s usually better to do nothing at all.

Watch the video below to learn when doing nothing can be the best sales strategy.


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