July 24, 2016

Special Episode: What Impact Will “Brexit” Have on Your Sales?

If you do business in Europe, then the UK’s decision to exit the European Union (EU), otherwise known as Brexit, could¬†have a direct impact on yours sales. And your business.

In this special episode of Accelerate! I talk with three European-based sales experts about the possible near-term and long-term, ramifications of Brexit for business in general. And B2B sales in particular.

While there is still much uncertainty that surrounds Brexit, and the UK’s future relationship with the EU, it’s prudent to begin thinking about how it could impact your business.

My guests today are not political commentators. But they are business experts with very definite opinions that you’ll want to hear.

First, I speak with Tim Hughes. Tim Hughes is the Uk-based founder and partner of Digital Leadership Associates, a social digital transformation agency. He is one of the leading experts on social selling and the author of a great new book: Social Selling: Techniques to Influence Buyers and Change Makers. Tim was previously on Accelerate in Episode #157 titled The 5 Pillars Of Social Selling To Re-Energize Your Pipeline.

After Tim, I talk with Regis Lemmens. Regis is the Brussels-based founder of Sales Cubes, a consulting firm which helps sales organizations to innovate and co-create value with their customers. He is also a professor in Sales and Sales Management teaching at business schools in Belgium , the Netherlands and in the UK. Regis was also previously been on Accelerate in Episode #76 titled The Future Of B2B Sales And The Changing Role Of Sales Reps. Check out our excellent conversation on how B2B sales reps will have to become value co-creators.

Finally, I chat with Bob Apollo, Founder of Inflexion-Point Strategy Partners based in Reading, UK (about 45 miles west of London.) Bob is an expert on the subject of value-based selling for the complex B2B sale. Be sure to check out my previous conversation with Bob in Episode #66 of Accelerate! titled How To Simplify And Shorten Sales Cycles With Value-Based Selling.

Be sure to listen now!