Get Rid of ‘Get-Backs’

By Andy Paul


Are You Opening the Door to Your Competitors?

In many industries, sales people are familiar with a class of potential prospects called the ‘be-back.’ If you are in real estate, a ‘be-back’ could be the potential buyer who spends an hour looking at one of your open houses and promises to “be back” later with their spouse. But doesn’t. B2C salespeople in a consumer electronics store, who often have just one opportunity to close an order with a prospect, dread the ‘be-back’ who consumes 45 minutes of their time to review every facet of a product, and then walks away promising to “be back” after giving it some thought. But doesn’t. B2B salespeople have their own version of the ‘be-back’ in a customer that eagerly takes a first meeting and then, no matter how positive that meeting turns out, goes radio silent. Online marketers deal with the problem of abandoned transactions and ‘be-backs’ many many times every day. 

Read on to learn how to deal with ‘be-backs’ by eliminating ‘get-backs.’

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