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Anna Talerico | EVP, ion interactive

"Andy Paul is an exceptional sales coach. In just one day, he was able to inspire my sales team and provide valuable insight on the best approaches to selling with maximum impact. Not only was his training full of take-aways and action items, but his techniques were instantly effective and continue to be implemented on a daily basis. We truly enjoyed his workshop and would highly recommend Andy for any sales training or consulting."

Marco Owen | Owner, Solar Universe

"Andy Paul is a fantastic sales coach. He helped us jumpstart our sales efforts with his incredibly practical sales strategies and techniques that we instantly put to use and saw results from almost immediately. He taught us how to focus our sales management efforts on the few activities that really made a difference in our sales each week. We doubled our monthly sales rates during the few short months Andy worked with me and my team. What more can I say? I would certainly recommend his services to anyone trying to get to that next level."

Cameron Madill | CEO, PixelSpoke

"Andy Paul has keen insights into the new psychology of your buyers and your sales team, and how to stop leaving money on the table. I learned more about sales from Andy during his hour-long presentation than I had in the previous six months."

Troy O'Bryan | President, ResponseCapture

"Andy Paul’s buyer-centric sales approach is must for today’s now economy. His advice is practical yet powerful. In less than an hour with Andy, our group identified multiple areas where a lack of responsiveness was costing us revenue and, more importantly, affecting our reputation. Accelerate your success today by reading Andy’s book, or better yet, invite him to share his approach with your team."

Jose Luis Andrade | President, Swets Americas

"Andy Paul’s approach to today’s fast-paced world where the buyer has access to so much information before they engage with a sales rep is very unique. There’s no place for adapting your pace to the buyers pace. You have to always be one step ahead and make sure every interaction counts, in order words, how to interact with maximum impact. His Zero-Time Selling best sales practice will add exceptional value to any sales-organization, just make sure sales rep use it on their day to day activities."

Bill Reich | VP of Sales, Building Engines Inc.

"Andy Paul is an engaging and educational sales speaker. He energized our sales team with brand new perspectives on how today’s customers make decisions and how we, as sales professionals, need to shape our selling to win their business. Most importantly Andy broke his innovative sales method of Selling with Maximum Impact in the Least Time down into practical steps that we could put to use in our selling immediately. I’d highly recommend you hire Andy to speak at your next sales event."

Mike Fritz | President, DW Fritz Precision Automation

"It is rare that I hear a speaker provide so many new insights on a topic as familiar as sales. In his compelling presentation on how to Sell with Maximum Impact in the Least Time Andy Paul definitely opened eyes and ears in our group with his unique perspectives and methods for how sellers can grow their business by helping their customers make better and faster purchase decisions. Lots of great takeaways that we could put right to use in our sales efforts."

Tracy Manning | CSO, DDSTUDIO

"Andy Paul’s sales coaching has proven to be an essential investment for our company. Andy listens. He took the time to understand our strengths and goals and showed us simple techniques to communicate the value back to our clients. Andy’s knowledge of current technology and creative tools gave us fresh ways to reach clients in “Zero Time”. His practical formula is actionable and works!"

Todd McCormick | Sr. VP of Sales, Silverpop

"In his presentation, Andy’s explanation of how customers’ buy, and how we, as salespeople, can sell more and sell faster by how we provide the answers to our prospects’ questions was eye-opening. I especially liked his concept of ‘Selling with the Sharp End’ as an effective way to make the most out your inbound sales opportunities by quickly engaging new leads with the information that is most important to them."

Eloise Bune | CEO/Founder, Gracious Eloise

"The biggest take away for me from Andy’s workshop was the importance of defining the customer’s questions and providing complete answers quickly. I used his techniques the day after the workshop in a pitch to a prospect and I ended up closing a deal for a pilot project with a very well-known retailer. So I know they work."

Jim Sander | VP of Sales, ACA Talent

"Andy’s concept of Selling with MILT (Maximum Impact in the Least Time) is a great tool to re-focus your efforts in what you can do now to shrink your sales cycles and drive higher revenue. His presentation of the material was heartfelt, informative, and engaging; one of the highlights of the conference!"

Justin Kadis | Strategic Partnerships, FanBridge

"I recently attended Andy’s workshop titled ‘Redefining Selling’ and came away with some great new insights and takeaways about the sales process and what buyers really need from sellers to make faster purchase decisions."

Ken C. Schmidt | Co-Founder,  San Diego Leadership Alliance

"As a group focused on providing professional development to San Diego’s senior sales leaders, we seek out speakers who are both engaging and informative. I am pleased to say that Andy Paul was both! Not only did he draw the largest crowd in our group’s history, the feedback we received from our members has been nothing but positive. We are looking forward to having Andy return as a speaker in the near future."

Steve Gowa | Sales Manager, Seamless

"Andy provides new insights into the sales process. His instructions build empathy with the modern buyer and how they receive the ‘old-school’ sales approach. His tactics drive more sales in less time, and more functional vendor-buyer relationships."

Gioia Messinger | Founder/CEO, LinkedObjects

"Andy Paul strips the unnecessary complexity away from the craft and art of selling, revealing the essential path to sales success built on 10 succinct steps that must quickly be implemented in any business. I am sure any sales team will start to see real results once they implement Zero-Time Selling. Don’t waste time, put this into practice now!"

Marv Russell | CEO/Founder, Marv Russell & Partners

"When I started my new consulting business, I was confident that I was the best in my field. However, I suddenly realized I had to sell my service and I had no clue how to get started. Zero-Time Selling changed things for me. Andy’s 10 steps provide a simple but complete roadmap to assisting me in engaging with potential clients and going to the next level with others."

Taavo Godtfredsen | Executive Producer, Skillsoft

"As the business environment continues to move faster and become more complex, Andy Paul helps you to sell and thrive... He provides 10 simple solutions for any company to accelerate and improve their sales results. Most important, he will inject a mindset of urgency and responsiveness into all aspects of your sales approach."

Jerry Jenkins | CEO, Jenkins Group, Inc.

"There are lots of good selling systems out there. But no matter what selling system you use you have to make sure you are Zero-Time Selling first... Andy Paul lays out 10 simple solutions that every company should be using to accelerate sales."

Dan’l Lewin | Corporate VP, Emerging Business Group, Microsoft

"Internalize [these] lessons... Most companies fail as a result of lack of attention to sales. Sounds obvious, but over time, what makes companies successful is their ability to adapt their sales model. Quality products and services aside, serving the customer’s ‘strategic intent’ – what they really want and value in your products or services – is hard work. And it’s an imperative in the connected world within which we all operate."

John Dillon | CEO, Engine Yard Inc.

"Brilliant! Zero-Time Selling is a must read for anyone tasked with the go-to-market challenge. ‘It’s the process stupid!’ and Andy Paul makes this abundantly clear... Full of examples and easy steps to follow, you will come away from this [this] with a new perspective on how to improve results and out-perform the competition."

Ivan Misner | Founder, BNI

"Regardless of the business you are in, sales are crucial to your success and Zero-Time Selling boils the art of sales down to 10 simple solutions that every sales professional and organization needs to know to get ahead and stay there... I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t benefit immensely from implementing Andy Paul’s essential strategies for."

Dick Orlando | COO, LeveragePoint Innovations

"Implemented with success several new techniques within 24 hours! Thanks Andy!"

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