December 7, 2015

Coming This Week On Accelerate! with Andy Paul

Here’s what’s on tap this week on Accelerate! – the podcast with strategies to accelerate the growth of your business – four great experts providing valuable insights into important topics including how to develop mastery in your life and in your selling, how to use your voice to win more orders, how to effectively target the right prospects, and how to coach sales reps to develop a positive attitude.


If you’re serious about wanting to accelerate the growth of your business, then put a reminder in your smartphone to visit this week to listen to these episodes.

On Tuesday, 12/8: Episode 46 with Dan Waldschmidt. Achieving Success is All About Achieving Mastery.

Dan Waldschmidt, is the best-selling author of Edgy Conversations, and President of Waldschmidt Partners International. He is a dynamic, inspirational and motivational thinker who forces you to examine how you set about succeeding in your work and your life. In this episode, Part 2 of an extended conversation, Dan, a record-setting ultra-marathon champion, talks about how to build the necessary confidence to succeed in life, and in sales, by setting outrageous goals and achieving them. It’s not enough to be good. You have to be great. Dan shares his secrets to achieving these goals through his concept of mastery. And he shows how this mastery extends to being a success in every aspect of your career and life. If you’re a CEO, entrepreneur, sales leader or sales professional you need to listen to this episode.

On Wednesday, 12/9: Episode 47 with Nancy Munro. You Lost Me At “Hello.” How Prospects Make Decisions About You Based on the Sound of Your Voice.

Nancy Munro is the Founder/CEO of Knowledge Shift. Increasingly, sales interactions with prospects take place virtually; usually over the phone. In this episode, Nancy talks about the impact that the quality of your speaking voice makes on a prospect. She discusses research that demonstrates that prospects are making judgments about your trustworthiness and credibility just by hearing you say the word “hello.” Kind of scary, isn’t it? Successful selling is about paying to detail. And one detail you can’t overlook is how you are perceived by your prospects. Nancy describes not only how you can assess your voice, but also how you can control how you use your voice to influence the outcome of a sale. She also describes the tools and technologies that are available to help you with all of this. If you’re in a customer-facing sales or service role, then you definitely must listen to this episode.

On Thursday, 12/10: Episode 48 with Todd Schnick. What You Can Learn About Sales Acceleration from Political Campaigns (Which is a Lot).

Todd Schnick, is the founder and CEO of IntrepidNow Media. He learned about accelerated sales and marketing strategies from his experience as a senior political operative and campaign consultant in the front lines of some of the most competitive campaigns ever. (Think “hanging chads”). In this episode Todd talks about the steps required to sell a candidate, which takes place in a very compressed period of time, and how it relates to selling your product or service. He provides a fascinating look at the process campaigns use to identify the ideal customer profile, conduct in-depth discovery of customer needs, construct and test a compelling message, and effectively qualify and communicate with the right prospects. And he shows how it all relates back to selling your product or a service to crazy busy prospects who are pressed for time. You definitely want to listen to this episode.

On Friday, 12/11: Episode 49 Front Line Friday with Bridget Gleason. Three Ps of Sales Success: Positive Attitude, Patience & Practice.

My regular guest on Front Line Friday is Bridget Gleason. Bridget is VP of Corporate Sales at SumoLogic. On this episode, Bridget and I talk about a variety of essential sales topics for sales leaders: why it’s important for sales leaders to celebrate the small successes; the importance of helping sales reps develop patience; how to develop and maintain a positive attitude; why sales reps need to physically practice every sales interaction before they talk to the prospect; and, how sales reps can become better listeners. Be sure to listen to this episode today!