February 13, 2017

How to Use Dignity and Humor to Engage with Prospects. With Dianna Geairn. #380

Joining me on this episode of Accelerate! is my guest Dianna Geairn, The Irreverent Salesgirl. Among the many topics that Dianna and I discuss are Dianna’s intention to restore dignity to the profession of sales, how and why she uses a musical stage production with animation to teach sales principles, some sales myths Dianna debunks, and, how a company becomes sales ready.


[2:14] The Irreverent Salesgirl aims to turn sales myths on their heads, with humor. The organization’s tagline is bringing a dash of dignity to the art of selling. Their mission is to drive public perception of sales as a profession.

[4:06] Dianna writes, blogs, and does a stage show about sales. She says, she sells by day, and fights “sales crimes” by night.

[5:48] Dianna was transfixed by Eddie Murphy’s show “Raw,” and wanted to bring something similar to sales. People absorb new concepts much better through entertainment than other ways.

[7:39] Diana discusses two Sales Myths: Sales Myth 1: Never accept a “No.” Sales Myth 2: Salespeople must overcome objections.

[14:27] Dianna discusses her upcoming book, Sales Readiness and what it means for companies to be “sales ready.”

[18:44] Why Dianna suggests listening to what people are asking you to provide in order to learn what people are ready to buy.

[21:59] Why an entrepreneur must be able to sell their product before you hiring someone to sell it for them.

[27:20] What is the aha moment in sales?

[36:54] Why you need to allow your sales professionals to go off script, take risks, make mistakes, and unleash their natural genius.