September 18, 2016

Sunday Special: Listener Favorites on Value-Driven Selling

I’ve had a number of guests on Accelerate! to talk about value-driven selling. In case you missed them the first time around, here are two recent episodes about value in sales that were extremely popular with the friends of Accelerate!

Deb Calvert joined me on Episode #222 to talk about How to Create Value in Sales. Deb is president of People First Productivity Solutions and has authored of a series of books titled, DISCOVER Questions Get You Connected: For Professional Sellers. Among the topics Deb and I discuss in this episode are how sales reps can create value in sales, 10 essential strategies for connecting with prospects and how to differentiate yourself through a memorable buying experience.

Donal Daly joined me on Episode #241 to discuss n Donal  is CEO and Founder of Altify, and author of Amazon #1 best-seller, Account Planning in Salesforce. Donal combines his expertise in enterprise software applications, artificial intelligence, and sales methodology, as he continues to transform how progressive organizations sell. In this episode, Donal and I review the major findings from the recent Altify study, Global Buyer/Seller Value Index 2016. Among the topics we discuss are what it means to create value through the sales process, how to effectively manage your sales opportunities, and the statistical link between engaging buyers early in their buying process and the sellers’ win rate.