Why I Was Almost Fired

Jan 8, 2022 | Enterprise Sales, Relationship Building, Sales Leadership

I was almost fired 2 weeks into my first sales job.

The reason?

I wasn’t “salesy” enough.

The sales training manager told my boss I should be fired because I was “too analytical” and not salesy enough.

His verdict was that I’d never make it in sales.

Yet, years later, I’m still here.

Having a fulfilling and financially rewarding sales career.

I’ve sold everything.

Women’s shoes.

Computers to SMBs.

Subscription services to F500s.

Complex communications systems to global enterprises.

I closed hundreds of millions of dollars in products and services.

And it’s not because I figured out how to be “salesy”.

Instead, I constantly experimented to develop my own buyer-centric human-first sales process that’s enabled me to largely control my own destiny.

And you can too…

Change is overdue in our profession.

Two things have become clear:

1. Buyers are tired of the outdated salesy behaviors of sellers.

2. Sellers are tired of feeling forced to act in ways that don’t align with who they are.

It’s all reflected in poor buying experiences that result in low win rates, extended deal cycles, and low quota attainment.

That’s what inspired me to write my new book (available for pre-order now): Sell Without Selling Out: A Guide to Success on your Own Terms.

This is not another work of fiction about how you can morph overnight into a sales superstar.

There’s none of that magical thinking here.

This is about making the choice to turn your back on the legacy, salesy behaviors that are so embedded in modern sales.

And, instead, learning how to become the very best sales version of you.

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