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The Metric for Modern B2B Sellers

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Low win-rates impact every part of your business. Not just revenue growth. It’s why they’re the most important metric for sellers.

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The average win rate for deals over $100k is just


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Choose to win

The data is clear. Your win rate is dictated by how your buyers experience how you sell. Every action you take as a seller either increases your probability of winning or decreases it. Win vs Lose. The choice is yours to make. I’ve helped thousands of sellers learn to make the right choices in the moments that make a difference.

Host of “The Win Rate Podcast: The Science and Art of Great Selling” & Author of three best-selling books including "Sell Without Selling Out".

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Andy Paul strips the complexity from the craft of selling, revealing the essential path to sales success.

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Sell Without
Selling Out

It’s time to ditch ‘salesy’ behavior and put authentic human relationships back into how we do sales. It’s time to sell, without selling out.

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Client Testimonials

Whenever you're selling in, you're looking forward to the calls because it's an actual conversation that you're having with real humans that you're actually interested in. Instead of it being like this weird mind game you're gonna have to do.

When you're selling in instead of selling out it's a much more natural process that you genuinely look forward to and you make connections. So even if you don't close that deal, you genuinely actually part as friends.

Cissa Dieleman
Account Executive

This course has helped me be more calm. More rested. I feel great selling this way. I feel comfortable. I feel myself. I feel relief from years and years of selling out. And my clients, they notice it. We connect in a deeper way. We're friends now while selling.

Patricio Briceño
Enterprise Account Executive

This course has made me more mindful about the way that I'm selling. It feels right. I am not forcing things, which I don't like to be forced to do anything or feel forced in the way that I'm doing something. You're just having a conversation with somebody. You're connecting with them and trying to help them which is what I like to do with any relationship.

Katie Duggan
Account Executive

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