Your win rates are telling you a story. Do you understand what it is?

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Andy Paul

Author of 'Sell Without Selling Out' & Host of 'Sales Enablement Podcast'

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Your win-rates tell the story of your revenue

I help sales leaders, CEOs, and entrepreneurs make informed decisions about the optimal strategies and methods to transform the productivity of their teams and ultimately improving sales.

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What’s Your Win Rate Telling You?

There’s no KPI that gives you better information about your sales effectiveness than your Win Rate. It will tell you how your buyers perceive the value of your selling efforts. It will pinpoint where your sellers need to improve to accelerate win rates. It will tell you where to invest your selling time for maximum impact. It will accurately predict if you’re going to hit your numbers. You just have to know how to ask it.

Andy Paul Signature

Host of “The Win Rate Podcast: The Science and Art of Great Selling” & Author of three best-selling books including "Sell Without Selling Out".