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Andy Paul

Author of 'Sell Without Selling Out' & Host of 'Sales Enablement Podcast'

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Your win rate is too low. 

Unless you’re winning more than 50% of your qualified opportunities your win rate is unacceptably low. Your win rate directly reflects the value the buyer finds in their experience working with you. A low win rate means you’re leaving a trail of frustrated buyers behind you and you’re leaving money on the table.

Choose to change. Picture how it would feel if you could double or 3x your win rate? Visualize winning more deals by creating the value-driven buying experiences for your buyers that clearly differentiates you from the competition. That’s a win with the power to transform your selling career.

The coaching sessions were super valuable for me. I always looked forward to focusing on "my career" with someone who has seen it, lived it, and wants to teach and show people how to sell without being Salsey.  Especially in this economy/new covid world.

Anthony Amini

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I was very fortunate in my career

I had a mentor who taught me how to win really big deals by putting the customer first. To focus on helping the buyer make a decision vs pushing my product. To create a great buying experience for the customer. The result has been a career 65% win rate and over three quarters of a billion dollars in sales.

Andy Paul Signature

Host of “The Win Rate Podcast: The Science and Art of Great Selling” & Author of three best-selling books including "Sell Without Selling Out".