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Bridge the Buyer-Seller Disconnect

Show Notes

Welcome back to another episode of The Win Rate Podcast. Today Andy welcomes two incredible guests. Aaron Evans, Co-Founder and Head of Training and Enablement at Flow State, and Doug C. Brown, Founder of CEO Sales Strategies. 

They discuss the importance of salespeople becoming “mini market experts” and how their knowledge can influence buyers at the awareness phase, literally shifting buyers' thinking and process. They look at the need to move away from traditional product training and focus more on market knowledge and enablement, and give valuable advice on tactics to position oneself as a market expert in complex sales, such as the "core story" strategy and market-based education.

The roundtable continues by talking about the impact of SaaS practices in the sales landscape and how the current economic downturn may result in a much-needed reset for SaaS businesses, reassessing top of funnel activity and shifting towards face-to-face interactions and building personal brands, and questioning the current buyer and SDR model of having inexperienced individuals as the first point of contact for buyers.

Connect with Aaron Evans and Doug C. Brown

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Episode Highlights:

Desire for high conversions, lack of nurturing.

Prevailing culture needs change in growth strategy.

Aggressive SaaS growth harming sales effectiveness. Reset needed.

Increase seller value by becoming market experts.

Buyer-Seller model: Disconnect due to inexperience.

Efficiency and effectiveness confused;  CFOs miss connection on profitability.

Manager coaching skills lacking, lack of training. Need to think like owners. 

Framework enables individuals to sell uniquely well.

Andy Paul strips the complexity from the craft of selling, revealing the essential path to sales success.

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