The Win Rate Podcast

The Win Rate Podcast with Andy Paul

Bridging the Gap: Training Sellers to be Change Agents

Show Notes

Today Andy has yet another roundtable featuring renowned sales experts Richard Harris, Founder of the Harris Consultant Group, Ian Koniak Founder and CEO of Untap Your Sales Potential, and Niraj Kapur, Managing Director of Everybody Works in Sales. Togehter they delve into the human element of sales and the critical role of sellers as agents of change. They discuss Harris's book, 'The Seller's Journey', centered on NEAT selling (Need, Economic impact, Access to authority, Timeline) and the principles necessary for successful sales tactics. They stress the importance of applying a personal approach in selling, fostering mutual trust with customers and aiming to help buyers succeed. Recommendations include focusing on individual growth, authenticity and being comfortable with one's sales techniques.

Andy Paul strips the complexity from the craft of selling, revealing the essential path to sales success.

Marshall Goldsmith
America's #1 Executive Coach