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The Win Rate Podcast with Andy Paul

Focus On Performance (vs results) To Drive Your Sales Success

Show Notes

Today Andy brings another amazing round-table discussion with Brandon Fluharty, enterprise sales professional, and Founder of Be Focused, Live Great. Kyle Williams, enterprise seller and sales leader for companies such as Google, and the founder and CEO of Brickstack. And Meghann Mishiak, sales enablement professional, sales coach, and Founder of The Path To Presidents Club.
The group shares their expertise and insights on how to redefine success in sales by focusing on performance and the human-centered buyer-first approach.
They explore the importance of psychological safety, ownership, and agency in sales, and why sales effectiveness should go beyond just achieving results. They ask the big question - why do people stay in sales? They discuss how winning the customer's business, at its core, is knowing that you helped them assess their options and form a deeper understanding of their needs. And dig down a few layers into assessing win rate data and knowing that when you play, you win.

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