The Win Rate Podcast

The Win Rate Podcast with Andy Paul

How Do We Change Perceptions of B2B Salespeople?

Show Notes

Thank you for joining Andy today as he hosts another all-star panel, including John Westman, an instructor of Professional Selling and Sales Management at Harvard, and also VP of Project Management at Citius Pharmaceuticals. Matt Darrow, CEO of Vivun, and Carlos Nouche, a leader at Visualize and former sales engineer. The conversation begins with the difficult topic of how to reform the perception of sellers. They continue discussing the synergy between sales and sales engineering, the evolution of sales cultures, and the importance of redefining sales practices to prioritize helping buyers achieve their goals, fostering trust, the impact of sales leadership, leveraging sales technology without losing the human touch, and strategies for motivating sales teams towards achievement-driven approaches. 

Andy Paul strips the complexity from the craft of selling, revealing the essential path to sales success.

Marshall Goldsmith
America's #1 Executive Coach