The Win Rate Podcast

The Win Rate Podcast with Andy Paul

If It Feels Like You're Selling, You're Not Helping

Show Notes

On today's roundtable, Andy welcomes Mike Bosworth, a sales philosopher, speaker, trainer, and author, Ted Blosser, CEO of WorkRamp, and Niraj Kapur, Founder of Everybody Works In Sales. The group starts off discussing the sales myths amplified by LinkedIn, and debunks them to your benefit. They also discuss evolving sales training methods, the importance of EQ and mindset, leveraging AI for personal development, the pitfalls of current sales tactics, improving sales training, and tools for better buyer assistance.Host Andy Paul is the expert on modern B2B selling and author of three best-selling, award-winning sales books, including his latest Sell Without Selling Out. Visit to subscribe to his newsletter for even more strategies and tips to accelerate your win rate!

Andy Paul strips the complexity from the craft of selling, revealing the essential path to sales success.

Marshall Goldsmith
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