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The Win Rate Podcast with Andy Paul

Let's Blow it Up and Start All Over: Reimagining Selling with Brent Adamson, Leslie Venetz and Daniel Zamudio

Show Notes

Welcome back to another episode of The Win Rate podcast. Today Andy is joined by a stellar roundtable -  including Brent Adamson, Founder of Skinny Rhino Productions, Leslie Venetz, Founder of The Sales-Led GTM Agency, and Daniel Zamudio, Founder and CEO of Playboox. They discuss the broken structure of sales management, and how possibly the best solution is to tear it all down and build it back in completely new ways in order for it to actually achieve its intended goals.
They get into crucial topics such as the value of coaching, identifying and fostering leadership qualities, and the importance of understanding individual motivations within a sales team. The discussion also touches on the evolving perceptions of sales roles, the potential of mentorship, and the dynamic between individual contributors and managers. The group knows that reevaluating and reimagining the roles and dynamics of sales people and managers is the best way to achieve greater sales success.

Host Andy Paul is the expert on modern B2B selling and author of three best-selling, award-winning sales books, including his latest Sell Without Selling Out. Visit to subscribe to his newsletter for even more strategies and tips to accelerate your win rate.

Andy Paul strips the complexity from the craft of selling, revealing the essential path to sales success.

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