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Relevance and Resonance: How To Master Your Sales Messaging

Show Notes

In this episode of the Win Rate podcast, Andy welcomes more great sales leaders - Luigi Prestinenzi, Founder of the Growth Forum and More Better HQ,  Vince Beese, Founder and CEO at Sales at Scale, and Kyle Williams, Founder and CEO at Brickstack.
The group talks about how to succeed in sales through a shared perspective and a unique point of view. They delve into the importance of being inquisitive, having good instincts about deals, and asking the right questions. They also discuss fostering a culture of learning from failure, the importance of educating and nurturing customers, shifting attitudes and mindsets in today’s quickly changing sales landscape, the impact of technology in sales and its effect on the buyer experience and how personal touch makes a substantial difference.

Host Andy Paul is the expert on modern B2B selling and author of three best-selling, award-winning sales books, including his latest Sell Without Selling Out. Visit to subscribe to his newsletter for even more strategies and tips to accelerate your win rate!

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