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The Win Rate Podcast with Andy Paul

Salespeople Are Only Human; So Be More Human!

Show Notes

Welcome back! Today Andy welcomes another blockbuster roundtable with Arlo Hill, Co-Founder at SecondBody, Keith Weightman, Regional VP at Bullhorn, and Jonathan Mahan, Co-Founder at The Practice Lab. They start off by discussing the shift from a knowledge-focus to developing your own innate, human-touch skills like curiosity, listening, and problem-solving in your sales process. The group also emphasizes the importance of practice, the challenge of changing seller behaviors, the universal rule of listening, and the need for sales training that addresses both the knowledge and skill aspects for sellers to succeed. Andy and the group also reflect on the challenges younger generations face due to changing communication norms and propose a more extended, practice-focused onboarding process to cultivate successful sellers.Host Andy Paul is the expert on modern B2B selling and author of three best-selling, award-winning sales books, including his latest Sell Without Selling Out. Visit to subscribe to his newsletter for even more strategies and tips to accelerate your win rate.

Andy Paul strips the complexity from the craft of selling, revealing the essential path to sales success.

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