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The Win Rate Podcast with Andy Paul

SDRs: A Thriving Future or a Relic of the Past?

Show Notes

Today Andy welcomes another all-star roundtable featuring Hamish Stevenson, Founder and CEO of, Salman Mohiuddin, Founder of Salman Sales Academy, and David Kreiger, President of SalesRoads. Together they delve into discussions on sales development representatives (SDRs) and their importance in the current sales landscape and how that may evolve, with a particular focus on sales training and recruitment. They also discuss sales enablement, the shift towards full cycle reps, the role of AEs in generating leads, and challenges in cold calling. The conversation touches upon the need for a balance regarding AE responsibilities and the significance of developing relationships in sales. Furthermore, the need for dedicated coaches as well as internal and external perspectives on sales training is covered. They close the show with an exploration of pipeline quality, the impact of forecast accuracy and how it is reflected in sales performance.

Andy Paul strips the complexity from the craft of selling, revealing the essential path to sales success.

Marshall Goldsmith
America's #1 Executive Coach