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The Win Rate Podcast with Andy Paul

The Advantage of Genuine Curiosity in Sales

Show Notes

Welcome back to the Win Rate Podcast. Today Andy welcomes two amazing guests, Matt Benelli, sales coach and Co-Founder of CoachEm, and Lori Richardson, Sales Advisor, Founder and President of Women Sales Pros and author of She Sells. The roundtable starts today by discussing how pushing larger investments to frontline managers would create a wave of positive change across sales organizations. They give some personal stories of starting out as young salespeople and finding their footing with clients. They explain why their genuine curiosity gave them an advantage and how SDR’s can learn from their approach.The group also talks through the short-comings of companies win rate tracking, how some CRM results need a more objective eye and context, why companies focus on scaling but end up not knowing how to sell their product, why upper management pressure can bring a breakdown of good sales practices, and how progressing successfully in your sales career means being conscious of the experience buyers are having with you. Highlights[00:07:49] Inexperienced frontline managers struggle with their roles.[00:11:04] Importance of tracking critical metrics.[00:16:24] B2B industry experiences low win rates; [00:25:00] Improving win rates and aligning incentives for sales.[00:27:54] Choose carefully who you sell to.[00:36:37] Balancing revenue and understanding buyer decisions.[00:42:31] Youthful appearance helped build meaningful relationships.[00:47:16] System design influences win rates; strategic focus needed.[00:51:16] "Intentional actions shape your career and success."[00:57:37] First impressions matter when connecting with buyers in sales.

Andy Paul strips the complexity from the craft of selling, revealing the essential path to sales success.

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