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Why Buyer-Centric Sales Needs To Be More Than Just Words

Show Notes

Welcome back to The Win Rate podcast! Today Andy is joined by sales experts Jen Allen-Knuth, Head of Community Growth at Lavender, Bridget Gleason, a multi-time successful CRO and Head of Sales and is currently CRO at Util, and David J. P. Fisher. aka D-Fish, sales author, sales advisor, and Global Social Selling Lead-Sr. Sales Enablement Program Manager at SAS. 

The group begins by discussing the challenges of onboarding new salespeople effectively and proposes looking to sports management techniques for some guidance. They question whether enough time is spent coaching salespeople on building relationships virtually and adapting to the changing communication preferences of younger generations.

Stressing the importance of the relationship sale and building trust with buyers. They criticize weak leadership that prioritizes metrics over meeting the needs of buyers and highlight the shifting preferences of buyers and  the need for organizations to adapt to these changes.

They continue giving invaluable insights on managing high-volume leads, lead qualification, and the pitfalls of holding onto outdated sales tactics. They shed light on the misalignment of incentives between marketers and salespeople and the lack of customer-centric approaches in many organizations. The discussion then turns to the advantages of working with startups, personalized training, and the importance of identifying pain points before discussing technical solutions. 

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