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Why Buyers Need to Talk To Sellers (Even If They Don't Want To)

Show Notes

Today Andy welcomes another stellar roundtable with guests Nabeil Alazzam, founder and CEO at, Frank Cespedes, author and Senior Lecturer at Harvard Business School, and Drew Neisser, Founder of CMO Huddles, and was Founder and CEO of Renegade Marketing.

They start out today discussing the fact that many companies are neglecting simple yet crucial steps to foster success among their new hires. and give examples of strategies that companies can implement to ensure their new sales representatives are set up for success.

They get into various topics including accurate quota setting, the role of incentives in driving desired behaviors, the need for clear process guidelines, and the evolving role of the account executive. They also shed light on the cultural challenges surrounding sales effectiveness and the critical importance of having confidence in winning sales opportunities.

They continue talking about how data and technology are shaping the sales landscape and discuss the disconnect between the speed at which businesses are evolving and the slow adaptation of incentives. They emphasize the need for collecting and analyzing data to inform compensation structures, particularly in onboarding new sales reps.

Additionally, the group tackles the role of marketing in the buyer journey and the potential impact on sales processes. They question the separation of demand generation from demand capture, highlight the pitfalls of focusing solely on filling the sales funnel.

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